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How to high/low keyboard brightness in M1 Macbook | TechHarry


How to adjust keyboard brightness in M1 Apple Macbook Air and M1 Apple Macbook Pro


2020 Macbook Air and Macbook Pro have been available with the latest Apple M1 chipset processor and people who owned these laptops, loved M1 chipset on their laptop.

As Apple doesn't change its design on their new laptops but they removed the hot key for backlit keyboard's brightness and as replacement they added Macbook's search shortcut - Spotlight, D&D (Do Not Disturb) Hot key and Dictation.

So, now you are asking, how can we adjust our brightness of our Macbook Air or Macbook Pro Backlit Keyboard. Stay tuned and read yourself to know. 😁

Modify Keyboard Brightness in M1 Chipset Macbook Air and Pro

Although Apple has removed shortcut hot keys for adjusting keyboard brightness in M1 Macbook Air and Pro. But we have there are some other ways to change the brightness of backlit-keyboard in Macbook Pro ($2,199) and Macbook Air ($987.50). Let's discuss the ways now. 

1. Change Keyboard Brightness Using Control Center

This is the easiest way to adjust brightness of M1 Macbook Pro/Air backlit keyboard. This will take a few steps to change your keyboard's brightness. 

  • Open "Control Center" from the main menu
  • Click on "Keyboard Brightness"
  • Just Drag the slider to adjust the brightness in your M1 Chipset Macbook Pro/Macbook Air

So, this is the easiest way to control brightness in macbook pro/macbook air.

How to enable Keyboard Brightness Hot Key Back on M1 Macbook

You can also get your shortcut key to adjust keyboard brightness on your wish. You just need a required software which will work for you. Let's check the required steps first.

  1. Install Karabiner Elements (Free) on your MacBook and run it.
  2. There is a full chance that your macbook will say an error to this software. Then click on "Open Security Preferences".
    • Click the lock icon and enter your password or use Touch ID to unlock.
    • Now, click on ‘Allow’.
    • Launch the Karabiner Elements app and click on ‘Open Security and Privacy System Preferences’ button in the pop-up that shows up on screen.
    • Enable both ‘karabiner_observer’ and ‘karabiner_grabber’.
    • Quit Karabiner Elements and relaunch it. Click on ‘Function Keys’ in the top navbar. You’ll see it has changed F5 and F6 to decreasing and increasing illumination of your Mac keyboard.

    Now you will be able to adjust the keyboard's brightness using your F5 and F6 function keys directly to decrease and increase keyboard brightness relatively. 


    • Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard.
    • Uncheck the box which says ‘Adjust keyboard brightness in low light’.

    • That’s it. Your Mac will no longer automatically adjust keyboard brightness for you.

    • End Words...

    • So, these were the ways to control/adjust M1 Macbook Air/Pro Backlit Keyboard's brightness. We simply use Control Center to adjust the keyboard brightness and Karabiner Elements Software to re-enable function keys to increase and decrease the light. This was as simple as it looks.

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