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13 Best Anime Websites - Popular websites to watch Anime Free


Where can I best watch anime, best websites to watch anime free

Anime is basically a Japanese hand-drawn and computer animation where stories are told in the form of animations. Anime is super popular around the world.

In the world of Anime or animation of Japan, I think their main story line is way more awesome than the real world. You can't say anime is very flashy or overrated. The episodes of an Anime Series are TV broadcast in Japan. Even the children of UK (mainly) are growing watching anime shows like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! During that time, kids don't realize that they are watching Japanese animation because this anime/Japanese animation has made a soft spot in their hearts. Even grown up men also watch anime for fun. The Dragon Ball Super and Naruto are the most watched anime series in the world.

Although, anime shows are quite under-rated between the old ages but I'm damn sure when they'll watch only one episode, they will definitely praise the hard work and character work of Anime creators. In anime, every character has their own emotion, happiness and even fight.

But where can we watch anime out of the Japan? Anime shows have been TV telecast in Japan. But due to the time and decreasing the population of Japan, anime shows has now grown international viewers within few years. Due to shrinking of population, Japan has grown export-minded trade where they are very successful. But outside the Japan, there are some websites, which uploads daily shows for people who love to watch anime online.

Due to this purpose, we are going to enlist the best websites to watch anime at the Full HD resolution.

Note: Some websites uploads anime shows in Japanese but they have uploaded their subtitles as well.

Best Anime Websites in the world Best websites to watch anime online for free

Best Sites to Watch Anime Online?

These are some of the most popular sites to watch Anime.

1. 9anime

2. CrunchyRoll

3. Funimation

4. GogoAnime

5. AnimeFreak

6. Chia-Anime

7. Anime Dao

8. Tubi TV

9. Soul Anime

10. Anime Planet

11. Hulu

12. Anime Lab

13. Netflix

#1: 9Anime 

(Best old & new anime site for free)

9Anime is the collection of all types of Anime. It includes both old anime and latest anime to watch. And all for free. It just wants you to sign up and then login. It has a very clean and attractive look. You can also search for your favorite anime and has a feature to filter your search. It supports both dark and light UI as per your need. 9Anime is available in all the major regions on the planet.

#2: Crunchy Roll

(Best website for Anime and Manga)

CrunchyRoll is my personal favorite website to watch anime for free. I usually watch Boruto:Next Generation and Dragon Ball Super on this website. But the only demerit of this website is that it shows way too many ads which should be limited. But it can be solved if you're using adblock or something like that. CrunchyRoll is free and paid at the same time. It means some anime shows are paid and some are entirely free. And free anime shows are also limited i.e. you have to wait some more time after the release of the latest episode of any anime if you haven't subscribed to the paid version of CrunchyRoll. It has 14-days free trial and available in 180+ countries around the world.

#3: Funimation

(Best Anime Site For Premium Anime)

After CrunchyRoll, there is also a great site to watch premium original anime. Funimation is a premium anime site where you have to pay monthly rent first to watch the original anime. The User Interface (UI) of Funimation site is quite a good-looking and easy navigation site where the users can search directly for the anime they are looking for. For subscription of Funimation, there are three plans available: 1. $5.99 per month 2. $7.99 per month and 3. $99.99 per year. And Funimation is only available for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

#4: Gogo Anime

(Best site for streaming Anime)

GoGoAnime is another free website to stream amazing anime to the anime lovers. The UI of GogoAnime is attractive, fast and according to user's need. The main feature of this website is that the latest released episodes of anime shows are immediately uploaded to the GogoAnime without any delay. GogoAnime has a quick filter feature to search you favorite anime shows with their latest uploaded episodes. GogoAnime is available in almost all the regions in the world.

#5: Anime Freak

(Best Anime Streaming Site)

AnimeFreak is also another option for you where you can watch Anime without any interruption and cost. On AnimeFreak, every episode is available in high quality resolution. Whenever a new episode released, you can immediately watch that latest episode on AnimeFreak. It is widely available in almost every country in this planet and for free too.

#6: Chia-Anime

(Best site for anime, manga and anime-soundtracks)

As there are mostly free anime sites are mentioned, so, there is zero chance we would forget to mention Chia-Anime. It provides the anime fans the clear high resolution anime shows and clean manga titles to read. It has a easy understandable UI and navigation. Every anime show is listed by genres and loading speed is a little bit slower than others. But it provides every new to old anime shows and manga on Chia-Anime.

#7: Anime Dao

(Best website for fast and clean Anime)

Anime Dao is another website which provides high quality anime shows. It has latest anime which is easy to access and free of cost. Anime Dao has a very clean and easy user interface which helps the user to navigate all the categories and genres easily. It has access to all latest Anime when a new episode released.

#8: Tubi TV

(Best site for free anime, TV shows and movies)

Tubi TV is also a good platform to watch anime. The website has used a very clean user interface and fonts. This website has a clean color combination which is eye attractive when someone visit there first time. On Tubi Tv, anime shows come with closed captions and parental control features. It has more than 40000 manga titles available on Tubi TV and all for free.

#9: Soul Anime

(Best site for streaming anime)

Although the user interface is not very attractive and has a classy look. But don't go for it because it provides amazing Anime collections to watch for free. Soul Anime has almost every manga titles available as you can think in a lifespan and mirrors for all the best operating servers to load the best anime shows. Soul Anime has list categorized and genres organized anime. This website provides both subbed and dubbed anime for the convenience of the user.

#10: Anime Planet

(Best website with huge collection of anime and manga for free)

Anime Planet has an ocean of anime and manga. This website has a partnership with paid sites like CrunchyRoll and Hulu to provide its users 40,000+ anime and manga titles for absolutely free. It features anime forums, discord chat and anime new too. Anime Planet is available all over the world with its amazing and attractive interface which is fast too.

#11: Hulu

(Best website for premium anime content)

Hulu is a premium website known for its amazing anime content and huge collection of premium anime among paid anime platforms. It features offline streaming option and compatible with all devices. Hulu is currently available in just United States and Japan. And its monthly subscription plan starts from $5.99/month.

#12: Anime Lab

(Best website to watch Anime exclusively in Australia and New Zealand)

Anime Lab is specially made website for the residents of Australia and New Zealand. This anime streaming platform provides anime in its pure form. AnimeLab has it all: from My Hero Academia to Demon Slayer. It has a huge gallery of anime and all it costs only $7.99 AUD.

#13: Netflix

(Best website for exclusive Anime titles, movies and TV Shows)

Netflix is a beast of streaming shows. It has a collection of anime as well as Netflix original shows and movies. It has access to subs and dubs of anime. Its clean and attractive interface helps the user finding their favorite anime. Netflix provides 30 days free trial and after that users have to pay $7.99 - $9.99 per month.

Final Words

So, this was the list of the best anime websites in the world. This website has a mutual collection of paid and free anime. So websites work all over the world and some websites only work in specific regions. If you ask me my favorite among them, then I would say CrunchyRoll and GoGoAnime are my personal favorites. So, that's it. If you like this article, like and share it with your friends and don't forget to subscribe TechHarry, you will be blessed. See you next time with amazing other site reviews, gadgets and tech news. Stay Tuned!


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