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6 Best Websites For Online Movies To Watch - Free Online Movies To Watch

On weekends, we watch movies with our friends or family. We enjoy online movies watch. Some people watch comedy movies with family members. Some people watch horror movies with friends. Some people watch action movies with friends. But one thing common here is, we enjoy the company of our friends and most of the working days, we brag about the last weekend movies or chill time with friends.

I think, if somebody doesn't enjoy weekends by watching movies with friends or relatives, they should change their weekend plans then. Weekends are the only time when some old friends finally meet after so long time and watching movies with them is just a way to remember all those beautiful times when we meet with our best friends and talk with them.

Usually, we watch movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu and we have to pay monthly subscription which we don't want to pay. We always try to find good free sites for online movies to watch. But most of the time, we found paid websites where they ask money to watch a simple movie.

Today, in this article, we're going to show you the best free sites to watch free online movies. They will not ask you any money. They will not waste your time showing unnecessary ads. They will show you what you really want. So, let's dig in.

6 Sites For Online Movies To Watch

In this article, we'll show you the best free sites for online movies streaming. These websites are quite popular among binge watchers. Although, there are many platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or MXPlayer which hosts best movies and best web series online but you have to pay something first for subscribe to these very popular movies sites. So, following are some great sites to watch online movies latest for free...

1. was first launched back in 2007. This website is an amazing place to watch free online short movies.

They have a really nice collection of short Documentary movies, short animation/cartoon movies, Sci-Fi movies, comedy movies and many more.

The main feature of this free online movie website is that it is available in almost every country in this planet.

This website allows people to upload their great short movies and encourages new talents in the movie-making career.


This online movie site is very similar to the "" site. The categorizes the movies by their genre, country and even by awards. For example they categorizes movies by animation, comedy, drama, horror, romance genres, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Holland, India etc countries and BAFTA, Caannes, Oscar etc. awards.

When you choose an online movies to watch free, the next page shows selected movie's synopsis and then that free movie is directly played from websites like Youtube.

Sometimes, there comes an issue that you cannot play this video. That means, that movie comes with a dead link or not viewable in Europe. But don't worry, you still have hundreds of other movies to enjoy.


The is a free streamer of short movies by both professional and aspiring filmmakers. These filmmakers mostly are from India. Indian filmmakers allows the users to watch online movies in Hindi on Shotz7.

Shortz7 first verifies the short movie submission so that any bad content cannot be added to the website.

They ensures the content and the quality are up to the mark. Every short movie is available in HD quality and users can also like, comment and share the movies with anyone. The offers the viewers to watch online movies in Hindi

Users can start watching movies with "Recommended Shotz" but they can also search the short movie as per their genres (like comedy, drama, romance, horror, animation or action etc), languages (like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi etc.) and name of the directors. This means people can watch online movies in Hindi, online movies in Malayalam, online movies in Marathi, online movies in Bengali etc in their favorite categories or genres by their favorite directors.

4. is the Canada's National Film Board where you can watch free online movies and videos productions. You can watch online movies in Documentary, animation, education films, fiction and interactive works categories.

Each movie has a brief synopsis, movie name, duration, film-credits and release date mentioned on the page. Users can stream online movies and sometimes, have option to download movies on your computer.


The is a very popular site for online movies to watch. On this site, you can watch movies from over 20+ categories including online Action movies, online Horror movies, online Anime movies, online Drama movies, online Sci-Fi movies, online Kids  movies and online Family movies which makes it never ending free movie site.

Although, it is a free movie streaming site but TubiTV has partnerships with original movie makers like Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount Pictures, Starz and the Weinstein company.

You just need to turn on your browser, open TubiTv and watch movies free on your computer. Video quality can be changed to High to Low quality depending on your internet connection.

6. is also one of the best legal online movie streaming websites to watch movies online. It's like TubiTV. Filmzie make its revenue by placing short ads between the movie which are displayed throughout the movie. Filmzie also shares their revenue with the filmmakers who provide amazing movies to stream for free.

Users just need to create a free account on Filmzie and they get access to hundreds of movies in 25 categories like online watch Action movies, online watch Romance movies, online watch Comedy movies, online watch Family movies, online watch Animation movies, online watch Horror movies, online watch Sci-fi movies, short movies and online watch thriller movies.

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