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How to put music in Apple Watch? How to Sync Music with Apple Watch? How to remove music from Apple Watch?

Apple Watch can work great without holding your Apple smartphone all the time. The Apple Watch allows you to even download Whatsapp and update this. You can sync your Apple Smartphone's music to your Apple Watch.

The best benefit from your favorite Music in your Apple Watch is when you run on the treadmill or on the road, and you don't want to be stuck with your Apple iPhone, then your Apple Watch is your best companion. You will not need anything to pair with your Apple Watch when you have added your favorite playlist or albums to your Apple Watch. 

Follow this journey to know "How can you add your favorite playlist or album to your Apple Watch"?

Adding Your Favorite Playlist or Album in Apple Watch

The most interesting fact about the latest update of WatchOS is that it allows the Apple Watch user to sync their workout playlist on their Apple Watch. Workout playlist for those who daily exercise and hear some hardcore music along with it.

When you add your music to the Apple Watch, Watch OS will automatically play your workout playlist whenever you start exercising. This feature is so amazing and makes us feel that we are the witness of some top-level technology, right?

It is right that you can, anytime, turn this music feature on or off depending on your need. You can also stop syncing music automatically from your iPhone. And also you can remove any music you think you no longer need in your playlist.

How To Sync Your Playlist or Album in Apple Watch?

1. First, you need to open the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Now, take care that you have gone to the My Watch tab on the left-bottom corner.

3. After scrolling down, you'll see Music option. Select 'Music'.

4. Now You'll see a heading named "Playlist & Albums". There, you tap on 'Add Music'.

5. Lastly, choose which album or playlist you want to add to your Apple Watch.

How To Add Workout Playlist To Apple Watch?

This feature is very special for those who want to turn the workout music On every time they start exercising. For that, you have to separately add your workout playlist to your Apple Watch.

1. Open the Watch App on your iPhone and make sure to go into the My Watch tab.

2. Now scroll down to Workout option and choose it.

3. Now you'll see an option called Workout Playlist. Tap on it.

4. Now, select the Workout Playlist you want to add.

From this time, your workout playlist music will automatically start whenever Apple Watch detects you exercising unless you already listening to music.

How To Remove Music From Apple Watch Playlist?

This feature is for those who want to remove some songs or music from their Apple Watch Playlist.

1. Again, open the Watch app on your iPhone. Now go to My Watch section at the bottom tab.

2. Now choose 'Music'.

3. In this section, you can delete an automatically added playlist that you no longer want to be in your Apple Watch. For this, Just tap on 'Edit.

4. Finally, click on the Delete button next to the unwanted music. 

Remember that, whatever music or song you have removed from your Apple Watch, will remain on your iOS device.

Final Words...

So, that's how you add your favorite playlist or album to your Apple Watch, remove unwanted music or playlist/album from your Apple Watch using your Apple iPhone. These steps to add or remove music, were not so difficult. Just click here and there and you are ready to add/remove music.


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