How to Check Upcoming Movies & TV Shows on Netflix in 4 Simple Steps

How to Check Upcoming Movies & TV Shows on Netflix in 4 Simple Steps

Netflix is a super popular video streaming platform where all genres of movies, original Netflix movies, and series are uploaded for people to watch. But people have to pay some cash first to subscribe to Netflix.

As you know, Netflix has a huge collection of movies and web series. They also have a collection of upcoming movies and their new trailers.

Some People who love to watch the latest Netflix movies and Netflix series, don't know where to find the upcoming movies on Netflix, neither on laptop/PC nor on their smartphones.

In this article, we would love to share this hidden trick to find upcoming Netflix movies and web series. You can find Upcoming Netflix Movies from your smartphone, your computer, and even from your Android TV.

How To Find Upcoming Netflix Movies from Netflix official website 

People from anywhere can see what's coming to Netflix this week or this month. But there are some steps to find those upcoming Netflix movies from its official website. Let's see what should we do to know what movie is coming this month on Netflix:

Finding Upcoming Movies on Netflix (using Mobile)

Step1: Open the "Netflix" app on your smartphone.

Latest Netflix upcoming Movies

Step2: You'll see a taskbar below where "Home", "Search", "Coming Soon" and "Many More" icons are placed. Just click on the "Coming Soon" icon there.

Step3: In this section, you can see every upcoming movie and upcoming series. If you find something interesting, which you would like to watch when it releases, you can also hit the "Remind Me" icon, so whenever that particular movie or web series gets released you'll get a notification and you can also see that upcoming movie in your wish list.

How to get notification reminder from netflix

Searching Upcoming Movies on Netflix (On Desktop)

Step1: Open the Netflix official website and sign in with your email and password.

How to find upcoming latest movies and shows in netflix

Step2: Now, you'll see a bar on the left side where "Home", "TV Shows", "Movies", "New and Popular" and "My List" has been placed. Just click on the "New and Popular" tab.

Step3: Now you'll be able to see what's new and upcoming this week or next week. If you find a movie or TV show or even Netflix originals interesting and want to watch it when it gets released, you can also set a reminder by clicking on the bell icon 🔔 side to the movie title. It will then send you a notification when that particular movie is available to watch.

Finding Upcoming Movies on Netflix (On Smart TV)

Step1: Open the Netflix app on your smart TV and on the left side you'll find a menu. On that menu, you'll see various menu options. Just click on "New & Popular".

How to find Netflix upcoming movies from smart TV

Step2: Now you'll see upcoming movies by scrolling down. You can also set notifications and email reminders for upcoming movies on Netflix.

So that was some steps to see what's upcoming on Netflix. You can also see upcoming and latest movies & shows and get a notification reminder when your favorite movie or TV Show is available to watch.

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