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PUBG Mobile is Going to be Launched as Battlegrounds Mobile in India - Techharry

RGB Fans Not Lighting Up? Learn How To Fix RGB Fans Not Working - TechHarry

RGB  is a new trend everywhere. People use RGB lights under their desks, inside the CPU. There are also RGB Mouse available in the market. There are also RGB Keyboards available in the market as well. It gives colors to a black and white setup. These days, even RGB wall arts are also available to place on the wall. Normal gamers and professional gamers both use RGB fans inside the CPU. RGB fans look amazing inside a CPU if your it supports RGB plug in. But sometimes, RGB fans not working correctly. It can happen because of many reasons. But not every time, the only solution is to replace your old RGB fans and buy a new one. Best Affordable RGB Fans Online RGB Fans can be purchased easily from Amazon. There are variety of RGB fans available online. So, I have brought you 5 best RGB fans for your amazing CPU. 1. upHere RGB Series Case Fan This is a silent RGB case fans with 120mm size fans with three set of fans. You are also able to customize its colors wirelessly. This upHere RGB Ca

Why IT Degrees are very Important in 21st Century? - TechHarry

What is Information Technology? Where is IT used? IT stands for Information Technology. Information Technology is the future of Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning and Data Science. Information Technology is the way to storing, retrieving, processing and sending data to the systems. As you know, intelligent robots and computers first need data which they retrieve to process and predict the certain calculations and predictions. Without data, it is impossible for these smart computers to function correctly.  Also Read:  Best Bluetooth Speakers with Huge Batteries Why Information Technology is Important? Information Technology is the field where data is accessed, processed and used to make beneficial applications which is used to change the way organizations work. Without Information Technology, organizations cannot grow. Organizations need some types of data for the production of new business models and their creation. Information is required in every business or startup. Informa

Don't Have VPN ? Use Google As VPN | TechHarry

Google is American tech giant company which is specialized in creating internet-based services and products. It has branches all over the world. We mostly use products and applications everyday which is owned by Google. Use Google As VPN Google inc. provides the users online advertising solutions, world's biggest search engine, cloud computing, softwares and hardwares. Google was created by two friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 4th September, 1998 in Menlo Park, California, United States. Google owns Youtube, Youtube TV,, Fitbit, Google Admob, Firebase, Kaggle, Waymo, Deepmind, Nik Software, Loon LLC, Google AI, Neverware and Android inc. Google inc. is the subsidiary of its parent company Alphabet inc. And now Alphabet inc. has touched the milestone of being $1Trillion company. What is a VPN? VPN is also known as Virtual Private Network . A VPN provides you the privacy and anonymity you want while surfing on the internet from a public network. The Virtual Private Ne

Upcoming Movies of Millie Bobby Brown in 2021 - TechHarry

  Image Source: Wikipedia Millie Bobby Brown is a growing hollywood actress and model. She was born on 19th February, 2004 in Málaga, Andalucía, Spain. She started her career from Netflix Science-Fiction, Drama web series The Stranger Things back   in 2016. She was also nominated in Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at age 13.  Millie Bobby Brown is the youngest person ever to feature on TIME's 100 list. She's 5'4" (1.63m) and 17 years old. She has short brown hair and one dimple on her right cheek. Also Read: 32 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix Millie Bobby Brown Upcoming Movies in 2021 Millie Bobby Brown started her professional acting career from The Stranger Things in 2016 at age 13. She currently has done two complete movies and one Netflix web series. She worked in "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" movie in 2019 which was directed by Michael Dougherty. And she was the lead actor in "Enola Holmes" movie whi

Best Google Photos ALTERNATIVES after the end of Google Photos - Tech Harry

Google has a very big platform for storing photos and videos on cloud. But now, it is going to remove its "unlimited storage for high quality images and videos ". This will happen after 1st June, 2021 . So, after three months, it will be restricted to use more than 15 GB cloud storage for storing high quality images and videos. The main phenomena behind this thing is that, Google cloud storage is limited but with the increasing number of people, all the costs behind the storage have been paid by Google. But after June 1, everyone has to pay some amount of money after using 15 GB cloud storage. It has to be noted that 15 GB data also consists of your Gmail, Google Drive and every other Google services. Google first announced this policy back in November, 2020 and if you didn't notice then, now you just have left 3 months to decide whether you want to stay on Google Photos or switch to alternative platform of Google Photos. There are many other Google Photos Alternatives

Most High in-Demand Cyber Security Jobs in 2021

Either you work in big company or you work in a small company. Every company needs a website and to there is a chance that their website can be hacked for money by hackers. To protect the website from getting hacked you need a team of cyber security. In a cyber security team, there are white hat hackers also known as ethical hackers, Analyst, System Architects and some other software developers which creates an environment for protecting the website. Cyber security is so important that, without them, all your data can be hacked (personal and financial) in a matter of minutes. Mainly, hackers try to steal your data so that they can use that data opposite to you. This is why every company needs a team of cyber security.   Most High in-Demand Cyber Security Jobs in 2021 Now, I think, you know the importance of cyber security team in your company. Without them, you are always on the tip of getting stolen your data in your company. So, this article is all about the most high in-demand cyber