Highest Paying and in-Demand Cyber Security Jobs for 2022

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Either you work in a big company or you work in a small company. Every company needs a website and there is a chance that their website can be hacked for money by hackers. To protect the website from getting hacked you need a team of cyber security. In a cyber security team, there are white hat hackers also known as ethical hackers, Analyst, System Architects, and some other software developers which creates an environment for protecting the website.

Cyber security is so important that, without them, all your data can be hacked (personal and financial) in a matter of minutes. Mainly, hackers try to steal your data so that they can use that data opposite to you. This is why every company needs a team of cyber security. 

Most High in-Demand Cyber Security Jobs in 2021

Now, I think, you know the importance of the cyber security team in your company. Without them, you are always on the tip of getting stolen your data in your company. So, this article is all about the highest in-demand cyber security jobs in the world. You will learn which cyber security jobs are the most demanded and what type of cyber security employees the company needs.

Mostly, cyber security jobs are for those, who have at least a bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or Networking. And some higher cyber security jobs require master's in relative fields or some years of experience. So, let's see what the most in-demand cyber security jobs are, what the requirements are, and what the average salary is.

1. Cyber Security Analyst: Work, Requirements & Salary

Cyber Security Analyst is responsible for monitoring and examining security systems so that there would be no loopholes where hackers can get through. They work for testing security systems to prevent any breaches. Cyber security analysts protect the companies' security environment. They are responsible for installing and updating required system security softwares and updates their firewalls for more system protection.

Generally, cyber security analysts have a bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Information Systems, or Programming. Some major firms also ask for some experience in related fields.

Average Salary(per annum)$76,628

2. Ethical Hacker: Work, Requirements & Salary

The Ethical Hacker is responsible for protecting the company's systems from hackers. They find loopholes in systems so that company's personal and financial data will not get stolen. They find the weakest areas in the company's network and try to improve those areas. An ethical hacker is also known as a white-hat hacker. A white-hat hacker works the same as a black hat hacker. Thinking of a white hat hacker is the same as a black hat hacker. Thus, an ethical hacker knows the way how a black hat hacker can breach the system.

Average Salary(per annum)$93,012

3. Digital Forensic Analyst - Work, Requirements & Salary

A Digital Forensic Analyst also called a Cyber Forensic Analyst is responsible for getting evidence from devices used in cybercrime and retrieve as much data as he can. Cyber Forensics Analysts are specialized in retrieving lost data, stolen data and mainly help law enforcement agencies to obtain any particular evidence against cybercrime.

Digital Forensic Analysts have a bachelor's and master's degree in Computer Forensics and have a certification in Cyber Security to get a job in Digital Forensic Analyst.

Average Salary(per annum): $74,130

4. Security Architect - Work, Requirements & Salary

A Security Architect is responsible for designing, developing, and setting up a secure environment for protecting the data in a company or firm. Whenever an ethical hacker finds a weak spot or breach in a system, security analysts develop a better and powerful security infrastructure to protect from breaches.

That's why there is a similarity between Security Architect and Ethical Hacker that both of them think like cybercrime to protect the computer systems and networks. The Security Analyst is also responsible for making reports of development to record the progress. A Security Analyst has a bachelor's degree in Cyber Security, Computer Science, Information Technology, or any related field.

Average Salary(per annum): $124,562

5. Network Engineer - Work, Requirements & Salary

A Network Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining a secure network for the company. They design and execute a protective network so that company's work smoothly runs and network engineers also ensure that there can be no breach in the network. They design the best network they can to smoothly runs the work and also protected them from hackers.

Generally, the network engineers have a bachelor's degree in Engineering and they have full knowledge of network protocols, bandwidth development, and deployment.

Average Salary(per annum): $74,830

6. Security Software Developer - Work, Requirements & Salary

Security Software Developers, as its name suggests, are responsible for developing softwares that provide security and protection to the network so that the network can't be harmed in any way. A Security Software Developer is fully responsible for designing the security software to upgrading the security software from time to time for improvement. Sometimes, they also team up with a team of cyber securities to discuss the flaws and needs of the security application.

A Security Software Developer usually has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, IT, Computer Engineering, or related fields.

Average Salary(per annum): $74,536

7. Chief Information Security Officer - Work, Requirements & Salary

Chief Information Security Officer is a high-level security expert position. The main responsibility of a CISO is to oversee the security application developments, Computer Security, Network Security, and Information Security in the firm/company. Depending on the company, the chief information security officer can also work with the management team, cyber security team, or application development team. Position as CISO needs to stay updated on all new security best practices and research on the latest beneficial ways to provide more security for the company's information and data.

To become a Chief Information Security Officer, first, you need at least a bachelor's degree in Cyber Security, Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field. Then you need a strong foundation in the technical field and 6 to 12 years of working experience in management.

Average Salary (per annum): $165,196

Final Words...

So, these were the highest paying Cyber Security Jobs where Cyber Forensic Analyst has the lowest yearly average salary and the chief information security officer has the highest yearly average salary and the highest post in cyber security. To get one of these jobs, you need at least a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Science, Cyber Security, Computer Engineering, or any related field. Plus, if you have some working experience too, it would be more beneficial for you to land the job fast.

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