How to Install Third-Party Calculator in Apple Watches | TechHarry

How to Install Third-Party Calculator in Apple Watches | TechHarry

Doing calculations on your smartwatch and the big thing is, doing calculations on your Apple Watch. It feels like something odd. But it can be very useful when your smartphone doesn't have enough battery or you are not at home.

Calculators on your Apple Watch can be very useful on-the-go.  It can be very useful when you've gone to a restaurant and wanna calculate the bills. Calculator app on your Apple Watch can be helpful to calculate basic calculations.

I know, you'll say you can calculate everything on your iPhone. But won't you feel embarrassed while doing basic calculations on your expensive Apple iPhone. Even you have an iPhone, but the most lightweight and quick way to calculate something is by using the best calculator app on your Apple Watch.

How To Install Calculator App on Apple Watch

After many updates, Apple has finally approved third party calculator apps to be installed in the Apple Watch. In the latest WatchOS 6 which is compatible with all the Apple Watch Models but the original one, has been given a basic calculator app for your Apple Watch.

The UI of this calculator app in WatchOS 6 is similar to the pre-installed calculator apps in iOS. You can also install third-party calculator apps for your Apple watch. But the official Apple Watch Calculator has a special TIP button so that you can easily calculate perks for a dinner check.

Best Calculator Apps For Apple Watch

After the launch of the new WatchOS 6, Apple has opened all the gates for third-party apps to get installed in Apple Watch. Now, tell me tell you which are the best third-party applications of calculator for the Apple Watch.

1. CALCBOT 2 (Best Calculator app for Apple Watch with currency converter & tip functions)

Calcbot 2 is the perfect example for the best alternative of Original Apple Watch Calculator App. It can perform all types of basic calculations as well as converting units. The Calcbot 2 application for Apple Watch is the first choice to install third-party calculator app. This app gives a clean and minimal design. It also features 'History' for showing previous calculations. And the most important thing is that Calcbot 2 can convert 500 units across 20+ different categories. It also shows your favourite calculation units on the top for quick calculations.

Install: free, $1.99 for pro version

2. PCALC (Full-feature Calculator App for Apple Watch)

PCalc is a full-features third party calculator app for Apple Watch. It has a very simple design and offers the users huge number of units converters and constants. In addition, it also has engineering and scientific calculator modes for advance calculations. The design of PCalc calculator app is so user-friendly that you can also change button layouts, open multi-line displays and it also allows multiple undo and redo which is a very flexible perspective.

Install: $9.99

3. CALC SMART (Modern design and user-friendly Calculator App for Apple Watch)

Calc Smart is another multi-functional calculator app for Apple Watch. It is also a very powerful calculator app for Apple Watch which provides clean, smooth and responsive user-interface. It provides quick unit converters due to its swipe gestures. Along with it, Calc Smart has the ability to convert your unit into 21 different categories which also includes currency converters.

Install: $5.99

4. Calculator‪‰ (Free Third-Party Calculator App, Compatible with WatchOS 3.2 or later)

Calculator‪‰ is another clean and minimal design calculator app for Apple Watch. It provides a very simple and classic layout which performs very basic calculations. Although, Calculator‪‰ doesn't offer any customization but it's quite reasonable because it's available for Free. And finally, it supports even older Apple watches with Watch OS 3.2 or later.

Install: Free

5. Calculator HD+‪+ (Clean Design and Compatible with AirPrint)

Calculator HD++ is very similar to the Calculator‰. Both third-party calculator apps can perform the very basic calculations. But one main advantage of Calculator++ is that this Apple Watch Calculator app is compatible with AirPrint to allow you print your calculations with any difficulty. The Calculator++ offers clean and classy interface which also supports multiple undo and redo. The UI of Calculator++ is very eye-catching and supports responsiveness.

Install: Free

Install The Best Calculator App for Your Apple Watch

I think, you would have already find your best third-party calculator app. As mentioned above, the pre-installed calculator app on WatchOS 6 is quite great for basic calculations. But in case, your Apple Watch is older and doesn't support stock-calculator app then you have just one solution and that's to install third-party calculator apps.

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