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How to hide profile picture in whatsapp, how to hide profile picture in telegram

Whatsapp and Telegram are two of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Both have billions of active users.

You know that both Whatsapp and Telegram allow users to hide their display pictures or DP from their friends and contacts. First, they had options to only visible display pictures to contacts and nobody. But now, new updates made it clear to hide display pictures with specific friends or groups.


But do you know how it is done? There are a few steps to hide your DP from Whatsapp and Telegram. Check out.

How To Hide Whatsapp DP (Display Picture)?

Whatsapp is a very popular messaging application with over billions of active users a month. You would have seen that before any contact's name, you see a different picture. That picture is called a display picture or DP or profile picture. But there are some privacy settings with which you can hide your DP from some people or groups. There are some steps involved in hiding your profile pictures. Let's see what those are.

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1. Open your Whatsapp application

2. Go to settings in the top-right menu.

3. There you'll see an option called Account, click on it.

4. Then you have 6 menu options where you can see the Privacy option in the first row.

5. Then on the next screen, you'll see more clickable options. Click on Profile Photo.

6. Now you have three options: Everyone, My Contacts & Nobody. To hide your profile pic from everyone, click on Nobody. Now if anyone wants to see your profile picture, they can not see anything.

This is how you can hide your DP from everyone. You can also change this option by following same above steps.

How To Hide Telegram Profile Picture?

Telegram is also a very popular messaging application. It provides more privacy to the people regarding their voice calls, video calls, and even encrypted messages. That's why it has grown so many users in a very small time. Users can also hide their profile pictures or DP in Telegram. It is obvious because Telegram is one of the most secured and private messaging apps in the world. So, now, let's see some steps to hide profile pictures in Telegram.

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1. Open the Telegram application on your smartphone.

2. Now swipe right to open its settings.

3. In settings, you'll see an option named Privacy and Security. Click on that.

4. Now find the Privacy section below, there you'll find an option called Profile Photos. Click on that to see the available options: Everyone and My ContactsClick on your preferred option.

5. Now if you want to hide your profile picture/DP from some specific people or groups, click on Never Allow.

6. Click on Never Allow and then Add Users from where you want to hide your display picture/DP. To confirm and save your choice, click on the Tick button right above the corner. In the same manner, you can choose those people to whom you always want to show your DP by clicking on the option Always Allow and then choose the contacts you want to always show your display picture.

Hiding Whatsapp & Telegram Display Pictures (DP)

Hiding your profile picture on Whatsapp & Telegram is very simple to do. You just need to follow some steps which are mentioned above and your display picture is hidden.

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