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Best software engineering jobs, 15 Highest Paying Software Engineering Jobs. Which software engineering job pays the most?
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If you have some working experience with software engineering or have a college degree or any kind of software engineering education, then you probably looking for tech jobs. If you accidentally find a good paying software engineering job, then would a golden egg, right?

Everyone wants to have a highest paying engineering job after completing engineering degree. There are enough software engineering jobs in US. Mainly, employers want candidates for software engineering jobs with at least 2 to 3 years of experience in software engineering field. Then candidates are expected fit for the job.

In this article, I'm going to show you 15 examples of highest paying software engineering jobs with some salary expectations and their roles.

Which are The Highest Paying Software Engineering Jobs in US?

Software Engineering Jobs are the most demanding jobs in US with thousands of vacancies. In US alone, people are paid thousands of dollars a month with their free insurance, one-time food and other facilities.

15 Highest Paying Software Jobs

Here are some of the highest paid software jobs as following. 

1. System Engineer

Average Salary (per annum): $102,102

Role: The System Engineer works in an IT firm or corporations. The main role of System Engineers is to install Softwares or networks, databases and maintain the system and repair the system for system security. If you want to become a System Engineer, you have to have at least a bachelor's degree in IT (Information Technology) or computer science or any related term.

2. IT Security Specialist

Average Salary (per annum): $106,143

Role: IT Security Specialist majorly works in a tech firms or corporations. It works for developing guidelines for Cyber Security based on company's software programs and communication channels. To ensure this, IT Security Specialist checks the Cyber Security protocols and review the guidelines' procedures. To become an IT Security Specialist, you must have a bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Cyber Security or any related field.

3. Software Engineer

Average Salary (per annum): $109,907

Role: A Software Engineer is responsible for creating Softwares for companies or individuals by using their coding knowledge. Mainly, it create softwares, mobile applications or content management system (CMS) which is specific to company's needs. A Software Engineer has a good communication skills which helps in dealing with national and international clients. To become one, you need a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science or programming.

4. Full Stack Developer

Average Salary (per annum): $113,011

Role: A Full Stack Developer has full knowledge of front-end technologies and back-end technologies which helps them developing websites as well as designing the websites. They are also responsible for developing mobile applications for the websites they create. To become a full stack developer, you need a bachelor's degree in computer science or computer programming . But the most they need is the knowledge of front-end and back-end programming languages like python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap etc.

5. Cloud Engineer

Average Salary (per annum): $120,297

Role: A cloud engineer is responsible for converting companies' old formats into cloud formats. This way is used to secure companies' data online which can be retrieved anytime without losing any information and can be updated with time. To become a cloud engineer, you need to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or Information Technology and 3 to 5 years of experience in IT firm.

6. Data Scientist

Average Salary (per annum): $121,608

Role: Data Scientist mainly gathers company's financials, sales and marketing data to establish a great software system or network. This is done for making successful campaigns for the company or firm. To become a data scientist, you need to complete bachelor's degree in related field to computer scientist and sometimes, it is preferred to have master's degree in the same computer scientist field.

7. Mobile Developer

Average Salary (per annum): $125,186

Role: Mobile Developers are responsible to developing mobile apps. They must have full knowledge of converting a website into an mobile application or creating apps for companies or individuals. To become a mobile developer, you need bachelor's degree in computer software, computer programming or related fields.

8. Development Operations Engineer

Average Salary (per annum): $127,591

Role: Development Operations Engineer work as a high level engineer whose work is to compile code libraries or databases for each and every new system or software program. This work helps future employs to work faster by using these libraries. The Development Operations Engineers need a bachelor's degree in system management, computer programming or computer science.

9. Site Reliability Engineer

Average Salary (per annum): $128,537

Role: The Site Reliability Engineer works between DevOps Engineers and Software Engineers to discuss about major website errors. Site Reliability Engineers use libraries created by DevOps Engineers and designing experiences from Software Engineers to make necessary changes to the websites. For becoming Site Reliability Engineer, you must have a bachelor's degree in software development or information systems and some work experience as a software developer or system engineer.

10. Data Warehouse Architect

Average Salary (per annum): $134,922

Role: Data Warehouse Architects work with companies to create and develop data warehouses with large data servers which allow engineers to store data about analytics. To become Data Warehouse Architect you need at least a bachelor's degree in software engineering, system development or information systems.

11. Software Architect

Average Salary (per annum): $138,958

Role: The Software Architect is responsible for the supervision on team of IT Professionals including Software Developer, Full Stack Developer etc. To become a software architect you must have bachelor's degree in software development, software engineer or any related field and some experience in related fields.

12. Enterprise Architect

Average Salary (per annum): $140,877

Role: The Enterprise Architect makes sure that technical processes in the corporation benefit the business aims or not. Thus, Enterprise Architect's role is both business and IT skills. Based on analysis of corporation's goals, IT standards have been set and software are being purchased. To become Enterprise Architect you need a bachelor's degree in computer science, business administration or information technology and a master's degree in Enterprise Architect can increase your chance of getting a position.

13. Software Engineering Manager

Average Salary (per annum): $144,954

Role: A software engineering manager works in an IT firm or a company to manage and providing their experience with team of entry-level and mid-level software engineers in maintaining and developing software programs. To become a Software Engineering Manager, you should have a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, IT, Computer Programming or related term.

14. Technical Program Manager

Average Salary (per annum): $145,977

Role: Technical Program Manager's role is to supervise team of software engineers and hardware engineers in an IT firm or corporation. Technical Program Manager suggests new software applications or updates to the existing software which team has to complete in a given time. Technical Program Manager has a Bachelor's Degree in Information System Management, Business Administration, Information Technology or related field.

15. Chief Technology Officer

Average Salary (per annum): $157,005

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a high level position within a corporation or firm. A CTO is responsible for all the major overseeing on company's resources, developments department and their IT department. The main role of Chief Technology Officer is to research new technologies and finding vulnerabilities to increase production in the company.

To become a Chief Technology Officer candidate must have a bachelor's degree in IT, Business or Information Systems Management. And it is preferred to have a master's degree in Business Administration or Information Technology and has several years of experience in related field.


So, this was the 15 highest paid software engineers or we can say 15 highest paying software engineering jobs. As a conclusion, we can say you need at least a bachelor's degree in software engineering, information technology, computer science or related field. To get higher posts, you must have 2 to 3 years of experience and sometimes, it is preferred to have master's degree in the same field.

One thing I want to tell you personally that you don't need any degree to achieve your goals. If you are dedicated to your work without wasting any time on binge watching or chit-chatting, you'll be successful. Then you will not think about what you earn or which post you are in. So, just focus on your dreams. You just have one life to live. Enjoy that!

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