Why IT Degrees are very Important in 21st Century? - TechHarry

Why IT Degrees are very Important in 21st Century - TechHarry

What is Information Technology? Where is IT used?

IT stands for Information Technology. Information Technology is the future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Information Technology is the way to storing, retrieving, processing, and sending data to the systems.

As you know, intelligent robots and computers first need data that they retrieve to process and predict certain calculations and predictions. Without data, it is impossible for these smart computers to function correctly. 

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Why Information Technology is Important?

Information Technology is the field where data is accessed, processed, and used to make beneficial applications that are used to change the way organizations work. Without Information Technology, organizations cannot grow. Organizations need some types of data for the production of new business models and their creation.

Information is required in every business or startup. Information changes the way we think and delivers high-quality outcomes in businesses, firms, and corporations. 

Top Paying IT (Information Technology) Jobs in the World

The need for data/information is everywhere. So, the need for IT specialists or Data Engineers is very high. There are many jobs in the field of Information Technology. The first requirement for a person, who needs a job in the Information Technology field, is having a bachelor's degree in computer science, Bachelor's degree in programming, Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, or any related term. Then there's a high chance that the person can get the IT job in a reputed firm or company. So, now, let's take a look at the highest paying Information Technology or IT jobs.


The "Software Engineer" job is a very reputed field where every other person respects your hard work and concentration. A software engineer is responsible to design and develop software applications. Jobs as Software Engineer is always in demand. Software engineers have their own team of programmers and designers. A software engineer must have good communication skills and some prior programming knowledge. An average software engineer earns around $123,250 per annum. 


A System Engineer is a very important part of a company. A system engineer is responsible to create and maintain systems and their networks. Mainly, whenever a system stops working or has some problems with it, the system engineer solves the problem by reconfiguring the system. A system engineer must have good communication skills so that he can explain every technical thing to a non-technical person. A system engineer usually has a bachelor's degree in IT (information technology), a bachelor's degree in computer science, or any related field. An average system engineer earns around $107,000 per annum.

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The Site Reliability Engineer has a vital role in the tech company. A site reliability engineer is responsible for handling and maintaining the software applications. This type of engineer always tests the performance of the company's applications and softwares. A site reliability engineer understands the working of the application and its code. It means it fills up the gap between operations and the development of production of applications. A site reliability engineer is good in programming and networks as well. An average Site Reliability Engineer earns around $ 123,250 per annum.


As you know, every company's first requirement is their own official website where they can provide their services on the internet or interact with their customers. The Senior Web Developers fulfill this task for their companies. They hire a team of good web developers and manage the company's websites. A senior web developer manages the websites from the front-end and back-end. They are responsible for updating the websites whenever requires. A Senior Web Developer has at least 4 to 5 years of working experience in the same field and sometimes a Master's degree in computer science, programming, or related field along with Bachelor's degree in the tech field. An average Senior Web Developer earns around $124,750 per annum.

5. Network Architect or Cloud Architect

Network Architect or Cloud Architect, these days, has a very important role in the tech industry as everything is now stored online in cloud storage. A network architect or cloud architect is responsible for planning, designing, developing, and upgrading the cloud or network projects. A network architect or cloud architect has a great team of network engineers or cloud engineers in the company who fulfill the network/cloud architect's requirements. A network/cloud architect has at least 3 years of experience in cloud technologies and has good communication skills which help the Network Architect to communicate with other development or designing teams. The average salary of a Network Architect or Cloud Architect is around $146,000 per annum.


Data Scientist is the professional of statistics and mathematics along with programming/coding. A data scientist use the retrieved data in various applications to invent something new and great. First, they retrieve the data, and then they use high-level programming languages to play with that data. With this, data scientists help the organizations or companies to grow more and produce more. A data scientist has full knowledge of Python, Java and R programming languages. They are experts in Mathematics, statistics and computer science (algorithms & data structures). An average data scientist earn around $129,000 per annum.


Data Security Analyst has also a very important role in organizations. Think, what if all your organization's data get stolen? You will be disturbed. That's why Data Security Analysts design and create such networks so that they cannot be breached. Data Security Analyst is responsible for creating firewalls, encryption technologies, and network protocols for higher security. A Data Security Analyst has good communication skills and problem-solving skills. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification would be very beneficial for the job in Data Security Analyst. An average Data Security Analyst earns around $134,000 per annum.


A Database Manager is responsible for retrieving the data then accessing the data and then playing with the data like modifications, using that data for the company or upgrading the data, etc. A Database Manager works to maintain the data and helping the organizations or companies to use that data to grow more and touch new milestones. A Database Manager is excellent in handling all types of databases. They have full knowledge of SQL, NoSQL, Graphs, Bars, and Trees type of data. An average Database Manager earns around $137,500 per annum. A database manager has bachelor's degree in computer science, programming, information technology or related field.


An application architect has same importance in the company as a web developer or cloud architect. The application architect develops different applications from the company's websites so that company's branches can spread in all directions and they can grow more. An application architect has strong communication skills, technical skills and a team of great application developers. To become an application architect, you need a bachelor's degree in Software engineering, computer science, information technology or any related field. An average salary of an application architect is $144,500 per annum.


A Mobile Application Developer is responsible for designing and developing mobile and tablet applications for Android and iOS platforms. They also manage and update the mobile applications if necessary. An average mobile app developer earns around $135,750 per annum. To become a mobile app developer you need to have at least bachelor's degree in computer science, programming or related fields. 


DevOps Engineer stands for Development and Operations Engineer. It always stands between development and engineering. It handles and perform tests on all the work of development teams and engineering teams in the organization. It helps the company to grow more by applying various DevOps techniques to magnifies the production and usability of an application. A DevOps Engineer usually have Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field. An average DevOps engineer earns around $120,000 per annum.


A Big Data Engineer knows its every bit of data. They access the raw data and use it for company's growth and production by making decisions and strategies. The main task for a Big Data Engineer is to create a software or hardware architecture for the organization/company by analyzing huge amount of data. It analyzes the data and report it to the DevOps team what is needed in the market right now. An average salary of a Big Data Engineer is around $166,500 per annum. A big data engineer has good knowledge in back-end programming, databases, and data visualization.


IT (Information Technology) degrees have big opportunities to stand up front in the industry. Every organization has an IT department where applications are developed, databases are managed, cloud networks are created and security is provided to the systems. A person who has at least a Bachelor's degree in IT, with a few months of specialized training, can land a great job in the tech field. As well as, paychecks in IT fields are much higher than in any other field. That's why IT degrees are said to be one of the best degrees in the world because every organization needs an IT, guy, to build an empire for them.