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Types of hackers; 6 most dangerous types of cyber attacks
Image Source: Google | Image By: SecurityMagazine

A Cyber Attack is a dangerous way to get into your computer or network without your permission. A Cyber Attacker can be one cyber criminal or a group of cyber criminals. They can get into your computer or network to steal your company's private information, destroy your computer from inside or watch your all activities on your computer. Cyber criminals, mostly, watch your computer activities and steal all your usernames and passwords used in your personal computer.

There are a group of hackers in every big company which secure the company's information from getting hacked and leaked. Huge companies' like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. hire white hat hackers to hack their networks and find & report vulnerabilities in their networks so that they can resolve issues before their network gets hacked.

Most of the cyber criminals are black hat hackers. These black hat hackers break into your network to steal information or destroy your essential data forever. To get rid of this situation, companies' hire white hat hackers to find and resolve their issues in the network so that they can't get hacked.

Types Of Hackers

There are mainly three types of hackers in cyber security. These three types of hackers are described on their work they do. Let's see those types of hacker:

1. Black Hat Hackers

The name "Black Hat Hacker" is mainly assigned from movies where bad hackers are shown wearing black hats. Thus, a black hat hacker can be an individual or group of hackers, they break into companies' networks for bad works without companies' permission. They hack companies' computers by cracking into security systems. Then Black Hat Hackers make alterations in companies' websites or closing down their websites. They also steal companies' financial information or personal data.

2. White Hat Hackers

White Hat Hackers are, on the other side, the good guys who find vulnerabilities in companies' networks, remove bugs and secure the system from getting hacked. Basically, white hat hackers are widely known as "Ethical Hackers". These ethical hackers are appointed by companies. Some companies also hire freelance or contract based ethical hackers for protecting their systems. Kevin Mitnick, Tsutomu Shimomura, Richard Stallman, Charlie Miller, Greg Hoglund, Joanna Rutkowska, Sherri Sparks, Marc Maiffret are said to be some of the best ethical hackers in the world.

3. Grey Hat Hackers

Grey Hat Hackers are those who just break into networks for fun or getting personal information without doing any harm. Usually, grey hat hackers surf the internet, hack the systems and tells the administrators about their websites have one more vulnerabilities. Grey Hat Hackers hack the websites/systems for finding loop holes and vulnerabilities in companies' networks or computer systems. Sometimes, grey hat hackers are called to protect the systems from hackers or malicious activities and thus, hackers charge a nominal price for their good work.

6 Most Dangerous Types Of Cyber Attacks

So, these were three main types of hackers in the world. But how do they hack the systems so easily? This is not so easy by the way. Sometimes, they find a narrow hole in the system which we normal people can't find and sometimes, we accidentally download something malicious from internet or accidentally visit a malicious site which automatically fetch all our accounts data, from person's name, age, location to person's username and passwords of different accounts. There are many types of cyber attacks. But today, we'll talk about 6 Most Dangerous Types of Cyber Attacks that can seriously harm you. So, let's see which these are.

1. Back Door Attack

The Back Door Attack is a malware attack where the user accidentally sign up to a malicious website and give all access to the hackers. Then hackers can see all your activities, usernames and passwords without letting you know. Back Door Attack is mainly used for stealing data, server hijacking, website defacing, and launching of DDOS attack.

2. DDOS Attack

DDOS Attack is also known as Distributed Denial of Service Attack. It is a malicious attack on the server to disturb the normal traffic of a server or network by crushing the server or network by sending flood of fake internet traffic. It is done by huge number of internet-connected devices like computers, IoT devices etc. These devices are hand-controlled by the hacker and all these devices are affected with a malware. For Example, if you have an E-commerce website and a hacker sends malicious bots to your customer's IP Address, then all your infected viewers will not let other viewers access your website. This is called DDOS Attack. Some companies offer protection from DDOS attacks when you purchase hosting or domain from them.

3. Phishing Attack

Phishing Attack is basically a social platform attack. Using this attack, hackers basically try to steal all your personal information, login credentials and credit card numbers. You would have seen some applications or games on social media like Facebook pops up a notification as Login with Facebook and then you enter your username and password on that application/game. Phishing Attack is just like that.

If you accidentally open a malicious application/game and you enter your real username and password, you allow the hackers to do whatever they want to do with your username and password. By doing this, they steal all your information in a second. In a phishing attack, you will not know what happens till your accounts' credentials are not changed. That's why you should not open any unidentified link or any malicious site if you're not 100% certain that this site or link is authentic.

4. Man in The Middle Attack

The Man in the Middle Attack is a basic term for hacker who makes place between a conversation between a user and an application. This just looks like that this is just a normal conversation. The main purpose of this attack is to steal user's information like personal data, credit card numbers, account's username and password. The main targets of this attack are the users of any big financial application, SaaS businesses, e-commerce websites or any other sites or applications where logging in is required. In this Man in the Middle Attack, hacker creates a new connection where users are sent but nothing seems change. In this new connection, hacker is able to see all the user's activities. In this way, hackers can steal someone's identity, make unauthorized transactions or unapproved fund transferring etc.

5. Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attack is a very dangerous attack. In ransomware attack, hackers use ransomware to encrypt user's files and then the hacker demands a ransom from the user to give the user all access on its files after the payment.

Users are shown steps to pay the hacker for getting the decryption key. This payment to the hacker can increase from hundreds of dollars to multi-thousand dollars which are payed in the form of bitcoins to the hacker.

Ransomware Attack is basically done by using the Phishing Attack (mentioned above). Once the victim download something from malicious links, hackers get full access on the computer. Then the hacker can do anything.

6. SQL Injection Attack

SQL Injection Attack is a site security vulnerability which allows the hackers to make changes with the queries in the database of any application. SQL Injection Attack normally allows the hackers to see those database's queries which are not normally shown. In most of the cases, hackers can remove, modify or delete queries according to their choices which can cause in changing website's content or working. Hackers can also change website's credentials oppose to the victim.


Break into someone's website or application without their permission is not good. But some black hat hackers do it for their own purpose. Some hackers do it for education purposes, some wants to harm others and some only wants money for freedom. So, these were the 6 most dangerous types of cyber attacks. If you liked this post, like and share it with your friends and known, this can add some new information in their brains which can be helpful. So, that's it.


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