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How to disable blue ticks in Whatsapp in iPhone or Android

Whatsapp is the most popular chatting mobile application in the world with over 1 billion users worldwide. Whatsapp usually introduce many new features time to time. One can send text messages, emojis, videos, documents/PDF, music/audio and can also record voices and send those.

But you have seen it on Whatsapp that when you send any type of message, there appears a tick of the condition of your message.

If a single tick appears on the message, it means the message has been sent but not received by the receiver.


If double ticks appear after the message, it means that your message has been received by the user but not the user has not seen it yet.

If double blue ticks appear after the message, it means that the receiver has got your message and has seen it.

But this condition is same for you if you get a message on Whatsapp and you see that message, the person (sender) who send that message will get blue tick too. But sometimes, some users want to disable the blue ticks feature or remove the blue ticks from the Whatsapp. Some users remove the blue ticks from Whatsapp so that whenever they read any message, the sender would not get any blue ticks after the Whatsapp message.

But the question is, how to disable/remove blue ticks in Whatsapp? Yes, this is our today's article on how can you hide blue ticks in Whatsapp. So, let's see how it is done. Let's begin.

How To Remove/Disable Blue Ticks in Whatsapp?

Whatsapp has privacy option which helps the users in many ways. From our Whatsapp's Privacy menu, we can disable blue tick from Whatsapp very easily. It just needs a few steps to follow. Let's see these few steps.


1. Open Whatsapp in your phone.

2. On the top right corner, you'll see three dots menu. Click on these three dots and then go to settings.

3. Now you'll see another window with different menu options. These menu options are like Account, Chats, Notifications, Data Usage, Contacts and Help. But you just need to click only one option.

4. Click on Account. A new window has appeared again with more options i.e. Privacy, Security, Two-step Verification, Change Number and Delete my Account.

5. Just click on Privacy. Now, if you go at the bottom of Privacy window, you'll see Read Receipt and it would be checked ✔️.

6. Uncheck the Read Receipt option. After unchecking it, you will see if you see anyone's message, it won't show blue ticks in Whatsapp. This means that you have successfully disabled/removed the blue ticks in Whatsapp.

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Final Words...

We all use Whatsapp, right? Whatsapp is world's most used messaging app. But blue ticks can be useful if you want to keep some privacy in reading messages. Sometimes, we don't want to show some people that we are reading their messages but these blue ticks fail our intentions. That's why it was very important to post an article on how to Disable Blue Ticks in Whatsapp. By unchecking the Read receipt option, senders will not even get blue ticks in groups.

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