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How to Download Attack on Titans All Seasons Dubbed


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What is Attack on Titan (Shingekoi No Kyojin)? How many Episodes in All Seasons of Attack on Titan? What are the nine titans in Attack on Titan? How To Download Attack on Titan? Explained.

Attack on Titan is a very popular Japanese series which was taken from a Japanese Manga named the same (Shingekoi No Kyojin). It was first written by Hajime Isayama. The first episode of this series was released on 7th April, 2013.

This story is a dark fantasy anime where all humans live in a three centered cities, which are covered with big walls to protect the cities from Titans. Titans are non-human giants who eat humans without any specific reason. Then the story starts from the three friends: Eren Jaegar, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert whose live change after the attack of Colossal Titan break through the giants walls of their home town. Promise to take revenge and take back their home from Titans, Eren Jaeger and his friends joined the Scout Regiments, which are an elite group of soldiers whose only mission is to erase the Titans from their world.

How Many Total Episodes Are There in Attack On Titan All Seasons?

Now, you know some brief details about this popular Japanese T.V. series. Then, you would be curious to know how many episodes each season contain, isn't it?

The first season of this series was released on April7, 2013 which was ended on 29th September, 2013. There are about 25 episodes in the first season of "Attack On Titan" in which Eren Jaegar and his friends start their training to kill the Titans.

Now, the second season was released on 1st April, 2017 and finished on 17th June. There are total of 12 episodes of Attack On Titan Season 2.
Although second season has only 12 episodes, but in, Attack on Titan Season 3 had 22 episodes which was released on 23rd July, 2018 and ended on 1st July, 2019.

Finally, Attack on Titan Season 4 released on 7th December and still airing with 9 episodes have been released. There are about 16 episodes in the Final Season of Attack on Titan.

All the nine titans in Attack on Titan
Photo Source: Google | Photo By: Reddit

What are the Nine Titans in the series "Attack On Titan"?

In manga of Attack on Titan, it is explained very well that 2,000 years ago, Ymir Fritz gained the power of the Titans which makes her The First Titan and the founding Titan. Thirteen years went great before she died and her Titan powers split into three by her three daughters who at last eat her. And then after that, their powers split into nine Titans which were inherited by their nine descendants.

After a long time, those nine Titans were destroyed and devoured by the ancient nation of Marley who conquered the whole continent and build the Eldian Empire.

Names & Powers of the Nine Titans

The Founding Titan in Attack on Titan
Photo Credit: thenewsfetcher

1. The Founding Titan by screaming, can change the people of Ymir into Titans. The scream basically controls the mind of the Titans and alter their memories and bodies of those turned Titans. 

The Attack Titan in Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger
Photo Credit: Otakukart

2. The Attack Titan has the ability to get the memories of past and the future inheritors of the Titan which he uses to always moves ahead and always fights for freedom.

The Colossus Titan in Attack on Titan
Photo Credit: RabidRetrospectGames

3. The Colossus Titan is enormous and has the ability to emit huge amount of steam from his body like a blast furnace at the cost of some minor tissues. The person who become the Colossus Titan can independently controls the transformation power and blast area.

The Female Titan in Attack on Titan
Photo Credit: The Rhymestyle Games

4. The Female Titan can inherit Titan abilities the fastest than other Titans. She can harden the skin wherever she wants for offensive attacks and protection of specific area. The Female Titan has ability to summon the pure Titans by screaming.

The Armored Titan in Attack on Titan
Photo Credit: Pinterest

5. The Armored Titan is full of hard, armor like skin except for some areas for movement. He can independently harden his hands and sharpen his feet which makes him easier to climb up such as climbing on the wall.

The Beast Titan in attack on titan
Photo Credit: Fandom

6. The Beast Titan has a physical appearance like an animal which changes between the inheritors and he has an extra-ordinary throwing capabilities along with the ability to harden his skin.

The Jaw Titan in attack on titans
Photo Source: Google | Photo By: ComicBook

7. The Jaw Titan is the fastest Titan out of Nine Titans and has sharp, hardened teeth and jaws which can break almost everything.

The Cart Titan in attack on titan
Photo Source: Google | Photo By: ComicBook

8. The Cart Titan is a four footed and very patient Titan which makes him being a Titan for a very long period of time. It has the fastest transformation ability without need of rest and even it can transform hundred time a day. The Cart Titan's speed is equal to the speed of The Jaw Titan.

The War Hammer Titan in attack on titan
Photo Source: Google | Photo By: ShadowRealm (Youtube)

9. The War Hammer Titan has the ability to make weapons all of a sudden from its own hardened flesh. The War Hammer Titan can be controlled from a distance while the user can safely hide within a crystal casing and control the War Hammer Titan through a cable of Titan Flesh.

How To Download Attack On Titan Dubbed?

Now you know, how popular "Attack on Titan" series is. But most of the time, you have either no resource to watch it or you have to watch the "Attack on Titan" in Japanese with Subtitles which is really not fun. So, the question has arisen, how can I download Attack on Titan Dubbed? There are two websites which are very popular for downloading movies, web series, and TV series. From those websites, you can easily download Dubbed Attack on Titan full series.

1. The first website is called KatMovieHD. On this website, you get mostly latest movies and latest web series in English and Hindi Languages.

2. The second website is called This website is also very popular. You can download latest to old every movies, web series and even games and Softwares from

So, that's it. This was the whole brief information of Attack on Titan series and best websites to download Attack on Titan dubbed.

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