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How to Secretly See Messages without Seen Tag on Instagram? | TechHarry

How to Secretly See Messages without Seen Tag on Instagram? | TechHarry

Instagram is a social media site which is one of the most popular social media application in the whole world. Billions of people around the world use Instagram daily. An average person spends almost 1 hour daily on Instagram.

On Instagram, more than 1 billion people globally remains active everyday. From statistics, over 500 million people put Instagram Stories daily. On Instagram, it is claimed that over 95 million accounts are fake or handled by bots. People can share photos and videos on Instagram. They can also share 24 hours photo or video stories on IG Stories. People can share long videos on IGTV and also share short 15 to 30 seconds videos on Instagram Reels. I personally think that the user interface (UI) of Instagram is much simple and easy to understand than most of the other social media applications. They use very simple navigation buttons and swipe features in UI that anyone can understand it very fast.

How To See Instagram Messages Without The Seen Tag?

As you know, Instagram allows people to chat with each other. People can send DMs (Direct Messages) to the unknown persons. But do you know that you can also see Instagram DMs without letting the sender know? It means that there are some secret ways to hide the Seen Tag after reading the message. Seen Tag tells the users that the person has seen your message. But sometimes, you want to secretly check the DMs without the seen tag. So, today, I'll share you the best working way to hide the Seen Tag from your Instagram Chats. Follow the following steps to hide your Instagram DMs Seen Tag:

1. Visit Instagram website on PC

Tech Harry Instagram Page

2. Sign in with your Instagram Username and Password.

Instagram Login Page

3. Now Search INSSIST web extension on Google

INSSIST web client for Instagram

4.  Now install the extension on your browser as seen in the above image.

5. The next step is to go to your Instagram website on your PC and click on your extension bar and click on INSSIST.

6. Now, You'll see a new user interface on your display because of INSSIST extension. There, you will see same DM icon as you always see on instagram.

7. Now, turn on Ghost-Read mode on the top-right side of the screen

8. Select the chat you want to read and open it. Now you will be able to read DMs without showing others the Seen Tag.

So, that's how you can read all your messages without showing others the SEEN tag. This is a very important way to keep your privacy because sometimes you get some very not-so good type messages from others. And by telling those guys that you've read all the messages is also not good. So, keeping it hidden as well as reading it without showing the Seen tag can be very beneficial. And, to make this post more interesting, I have put some Tips & Tricks for Instagram as follows.

1. Instagram Reels

Instagram recently launched a platform inside Instagram application to upload short videos. People used to upload short videos on TikTok. But instagram is a way more greater than TikTok and they allows all the people to make and upload short videos on Instagram Reels.

2. Instagram E-Commerce Shopping

Since 2018, Instagram allows verified retailers to setup shopping page on Instagram. There you can directly sell your products and send the customers to the products' landing pages. You just need to have a Facebook Page where you must have connected with your Instagram Page.

3. Instagram DMs

I'm sure that you know everything about Instagram DMs. For recap, Instagram DM or Direct Message is the place where you can send direct messages to anyone. You can send text messages, photos, even and even sound recordings to your friends and known-persons. Instagram DMs also allow the users to create groups of up to 32 people on Instagram. Believe me, it's very useful to use DMs.

4. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a very useful tool for creators of Instagram. For using Instagram Insights, users must have a business Instagram account or Creator Instagram Account. There, users can see analytics of how their photos and videos are engaging with people. For example, Instagram Insights give full details on likes on posts, comments on posts, how many shared your posts, what time most of the people engage with your posts and how many people follows and unfollows you. From this, you can create more good content by these information to get more followers. 

5. Instagram IGTV

Like Instagram Reels, you can also upload videos. But the main difference between IGTV and IG Reels is, IG Reels let you post short videos like 15 to 30 seconds but on IGTV, you can share very long videos up to 1 Hour. You can also share pre-recorded videos on IGTV but Instagram Reels don't allow users to share pre-recorded videos.

Final Words.....

Instagram has over 1 billion active users a month. People have friends on Instagram and relatives on Instagram. There is no chance that people want to keep their privacy by letting people know what they can see or what they are doing on Instagram. That's why this article is for those who doesn't want to show others that they have already seen their messages. So, that's it. This was the best way to hide the seen tag from Instagram DMs. If you liked this article, like and share with others. If you have any questions regarding this article, you can comment down your problem anytime.

Thanks for coming all way down here!

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