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How To Shut Down Windows 10 PC/Laptop using Timer?

Shutting down your windows 10 PC/ laptop using shut down timer is very beneficial. Sometimes, you are downloading a large files or set of files into your PC and you want to intentionally shut down your computer after all the files get downloaded. Sometimes, imagine you are in hurry but a file is being uploaded to a client. At this time, it is very important to use a timer to shut down your PC after some minutes. This way of using timer to shut down PC looks very important when you give your PC to your kids and don't want them to spend whole day playing games. You can, at that time, set shut down timer in your Windows 10 PC.

There are a few popular ways to shut down PC with a set timer. In this article, we'll show you how to set a shut down timer in Windows 10 using Command Prompt and third party applications. For experimenting it, you can actually follow the steps below to shut down your computer. So, without further delay, let's get started.


Scheduling shut down timer from command prompt or CMD is actually a simple one line code you need to implement and that's it. Using CMD (Command Prompt) to scheduling shut down timer is the most simple way to add shut down timer on Windows 10. So, let's what the steps are and how to run the timer.

1. First open CMD from the start menu or press Windows Key + R, then type CMD and hit enter to open the command prompt.

2. Now you need to Type shutdown -s -t [seconds] on the screen and press Enter. Here, [seconds] means, after how many seconds you want to shut down your PC. You need replace [seconds] with actual numbers like 300 or 480 etc.

3. Your PC will be shut down after 5 minutes if you put 300 in [seconds] area. To stop shutting down the PC, type shutdown -a. Here, '-a' means abort. 


Above, steps are used to shutdown Windows PC/Laptop using Command Prompt/CMD. But you can also use desktop shortcuts to shut down your Windows 10 PC. Using Desktop Shortcut to shut down PC needs only double click to activate the code. Whenever you double click the file, the code will be automatically turned On and your PC will be shut down after what time you've put into the code. How? Check the following steps to use Desktop Shortcut to set timer to shut down the PC.

1. Right click on your desktop and click on New and then click on Shortcut.

2. Now, Create Shortcut pop-up will be displayed on the screen. Now just type shutdown -s -t [seconds] inside the Type the location of the item and click on Next. 

3. Now again a new mini-window will be opened. Here, type shutdown.exe on the Type a name for this shortcut space and then click on Finish.

NOTE: YOU CAN ALSO CANCEL THE SHUT DOWN TIMER USING THE CODE shutdown -a in the command prompt. After cancelling the timer, you can anytime activate the Windows 10 PC shutdown timer using double click on the desktop shortcut.


There is also an application which can be used to activate shut down timer in Windows 10 PC. This application is called Shutdown Timer Classic which helps in set the timer to shutdown PC automatically. This application also lets the users decide for the action to be taken like users can shut down, restart, hibernate, lock and even sign out at a specific time when the user has set the timer on the application. This application can be downloaded from Windows Store and also from Github.

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