Best Online Stock Trading Platforms USA 2021

Best Online Digital Stock Trading Platform in US

Wanna earn thousands or millions? Some people even earn billions from stock trading. But first you need a broker to start your stock trading. Stock trading can be started with the lowest fee of $10.

These days, online stock brokers are super popular where lots of people put their money in and without going out of the house, people invest their money.

Stock Trading simply means, you got some bucks, you invest it in some companies through online stock trading applications and when the company grows your money also grow with it and then you can withdraw that money directly to your bank account.

In the early days, people have to personally visit the brokers and in about two-three days, sometimes after a week, you get your papers ready that you have invested your money in that particular company and if any of your stock trading document get lost, your money was dump. It was way too risky, time consuming and there is also a great chance that you will loss your money because of lack of information regarding that company where you put all of your money.

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But today, online stock trading applications are almost free, no documents to keep personally, every document is saved online in the servers and users can directly see the growth report of every company. If you have a credit/debit card, you can invest as much money as you want and you can anytime take the profit. You can actually withdraw all of your money instantly after investing it, there's no issue.

So, today we'll learn about those major online stock trading platforms in U.S.A where people can invest money very easily. You will need to upload your income tax details and proof of residency on the stock trading applications.

So, let's discuss about the best online stock trading platforms in US.

1. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is one of the oldest broker service in US. TD Ameritrade offers electronic based trading platform to trade off financial assets including common stocks, exchange-traded funds, forex, options, cryptocurrency, mutual funds and cash management services. It was established in 1971 in Westlake, Texas, US.

2. WeBull

WeBull offers an electronic stock trading platform which is accessible to both mobile and desktop versions. Users can start trading as low as $10 without any commission. From WeBull, traders can invest in more than 100 stocks, crypto and other assets starting from minimum $10. Its headquarter is in New York, US and it was founded by Wang Anquan in 2017.

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3. Robinhood

Robindhood is one one of the most popular online stock trading digital platform in US. It offers commission-free stock trading and investing directly from your smartphone. Unlike WeBull, Robinhood is only available for the citizens of US. Investors on Robinhood can start from the minimum balance of $1 across thousands of stocks and cryptocurrencies like DOGE coin, Ethereum, TSLA, FB, MSFT etc. Robindhood online stock trading platform was founded in 2013 by Vladimir Tenev, Baiju Bhatt in Menlo Park, California. Now it has more than 1280 employees.

4. Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is also one of the oldest stock trading platform in US. It is a multinational brokerage firm which also operates on digital trading platform in US. The company trades in stocks, option, Futures, EFPs, Forex, Bonds and funds. Interactive Brokers was founded back in 1978 in New York, NY by Thomas Peterffy. It has a headquarter in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States. It has around 24 offices in 14 countries. 

5. E-Trade

E-Trade is an investing, trading and retirement planning firm which also offers digital trading platform to trade common stocks, preferred stocks, future contracts, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds and fixed income investments. E-Trade charges 0% commission for US-listed stocks, ETFs and option trades. It takes $0.65 commission per contract for option contract fee. You can also earn $50, $200, $600, $1,200, $2,500 or $3,000 bonus if you open a retirement or brokerage account and invest $10,000 or more within 60 or more days. There is no minimum deposit for non-margin brokerage accounts while margin accounts require $2,000 minimum deposit. The headquarter of E-Trade is in Arlington, VA and founded by William A. Porter, Bernard A. Newcomb.