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How to improve WiFi speed?

Internet is developing so fast around the world and WiFi is that the tech that everybody is using. Some might face slow internet speed while using their WiFi. Even when having a great speed plan sometimes the internet speed lags and feels quite slow. So everyone facing these issues needn't worry as we got you covered with this blog post. This article will guide you on the way to boost WiFi speed and assist you to extend WiFi speed in various ways. Please note that this article won't technically increase your WiFi speed. it'll just allow you to maximize your speed. So with none further ado, let’s head into the article.

Increase WiFi Speed

Increasing wifi speed is that not a thing that you simply can do without upgrading your plan. However, there's a thing that you simply can do. you'll maximize your wifi speed with some tips that we are getting to discuss here. So if your wifi is acting sluggish then you'll try these tricks, this may surely show you a big speed improvement.

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How to Boost Wifi Speed on Laptop / PC?

This will guide you step-by-step and provides you multiple methods following which you'll increase your wifi speed.

DNS Flushing

DNS flushing is simply like clearing the cache from computer memory, it’s just that with the DNS servers. You'll flush your DNS by following these steps:

1. Open CMD from the start menu or click Win + R key for 'run' menu and search CMD.

2. In the command window, type ‘ipconfig/flushDNS’ and click enter.

That’s it you've got now flushed your DNS.

Change WiFi Channel

Boost WiFi Internet Speed: If you live in a crowded place then a lot of people could be connected to the same WiFi channel where you're in. Then you'll manually change your channel to go to the less crowded channel. You can download WiFi Analyzer to get the data. And to apply it you'll follow the steps below:

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1. Head to your router settings by heading to or

2. Now search and navigate to the WiFi channel option.

3. Now change the channel consistent with the simplest channel available.

Turn Off and On

Troubleshoot WiFi Router: There are many reasons for slow WiFi and one is often that your router is now heated up or in need for some rest. You can turn it off and again turn it On after 5 minutes. This may help your router to clear cache memory, have some rest and begin it fresh.

Removing Unknown Connections

You can remove all unknown connections that are connected to your WiFi and those you don’t need. Extra connections in your network take unnecessary data which may lead to your slow network speed. There also can be some IoT devices if you've got them at your home. You'll limit their speed to 128kb/s or almost like confirm that it doesn't take much of your speed.

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Better Router Location

Best Place To Place WiFi Router: You can move your WiFi router location and place it somewhere within the center of the house. This may ensure positive reachability around your home. Also, your router's antenna must be placed upwards.

Use WiFi Extender

Best WiFi Extender: Sometimes when you have an enormous house or room, you don’t get the great strength of WiFi connection that which may also end in less internet speed. So therein case to get better WiFi speed you'll use a WiFi extender so that it can boost your WiFi signals.

Replace WiFi Router

You might have a great WiFi connection plan. Yet you're not getting the WiFi speed is because your WiFi router doesn't support that prime speed. So you have to upgrade to a new one with compatibility of higher internet speeds. Also, you'll check if your router is 5GHz or 2.4GHz. 5GHz router will allow you to attach more devices with similar connection speeds distribution. You'll also choose the dual-band WiFi router for better stability.

Update Router Firmware

Sometimes outdated firmware also can be the reason for your slow WiFi speed. To solve this issue you only got to head to the company’s website then get to the support and look for your router version and download the newest firmware. The website and ways to update might vary from company to company.

So, that's it for this article. If you liked this article and your WiFi speed has increased even a little bit, like and share this article with others. For any query, you can anytime ask TechHarry.


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