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Is XRP better than XLM? XRP vs XLM

XRP is used for Ripple cryptocurrency and XLM is used for Stellar cryptocurrency. Both of these crypto play a very important role in their fields. But people usually ask on the internet whether XRP is better than XLM or Ripple is better than Stellar?

Let's unfold all the information about these two very important future cryptocurrencies and know the every little bit of these cryptocurrencies.

What is XRP or Ripple?

XRP is a digital currency for real time global payments to be sent directly without need of central authority or bank. It was developed by Ripple Labs. Generally, Ripple is the organization or authority which develops XRP cryptocurrency. Ripple is a network for sending and receiving money between large corporations, firms and the customers. On their official site, Ripple describes itself as global payment network and works purely without any need of centralized authorities. XRP is used in its products to provide quick conversions between different currencies.

XRP is cheaper and faster than Stellar (XLM) and of-course faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum. XRP (Ripple) provides 1,500 transactions per second. In comparison with Ethereum which takes 13 seconds average time and Bitcoin which takes around 10 minutes average time for such transactions, XRP is way too faster than both of these.

What is XLM (Stellar)?

XLM is similar to XRP. The Stellar or XLM provides decentralized way of providing high speed and low cost transactions. It is an open-source decentralized protocol for digital currency to fiat money (inconvertible paper money) which allows the users to transfer cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies. XLM or Stellar was launched back in 2014 and developed by Jed McCaleb.

XLM is capable of running around 1000 to 5000 transactions per second which is around 100x to 500x faster than bitcoin network and almost 50x to 250x faster than ethereum. Stellar (XLM) requires low fee and in-turn offers high speed for faster decentralized transactions. It has also made strong partnerships with established organizations which also include IBM.

Price Comparison Between XRP and XLM

XRP (Ripple) has the market cap of $143.83B with 24hrs change of $21.91M. As you can see, XRP is growing from as comparing with last month. Last month, on this date, XRP touched its all-time high at $1.80 per coin and now this week, it is again about to touch that milestone.

XRP 3 months price chart
XRP Chart: 3 months 

Whereas XLM is also showing growth and this week, XLM is on its highest peak of $0.71 per coin and it's growing very quick. Recently, on 13th May, XLM hit its highest price of $0.7356 per coin. Although, it's price is lowering down but it has enough ability to compete with XRP.

XLM 3 months price chart
XLM Chart: 3 months

XRP vs XLM ? Which One Should You Consider To Purchase?

XRP and XLM both holds equal place in the market. But everyone knows that only one will be the winner. If you look at the transaction speed and total supply, XRP is much faster than XLM and has around 100 Billion XRP coins which can be mined in a lifetime whereas in the case of XLM, Stellar is slower in comparison with XRP and has only 23.13 Billion XLM coins which can be mined.

So, final answer is not certain. As you should know, value of a coin depends on its market behavior and how much people adapt that coin. With which coin people mostly do transactions, that coin will be the king. So, know the value of your coin and invest mostly on that particular coin which you think will be the people's choice. Do some research before investing otherwise both coins have potential to do much better. And if you have lots of money, you can also invest in both cryptocurrencies.

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