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Best Online degree in Finance and accounting

As you know due to COVID-19, all universities and colleges have been stopped and government is trying to get out of this pandemic state in the country. It's been more than one year when first patient with Corona Virus was reported. But due to the Corona Virus and lock-downs, every country in this world is facing economic crisis and even students can't even go to their schools or colleges.

But some universities & colleges have initiated taking online classes in which online bachelor degrees are also included. Think, if you are coming from a poor family but your parents somehow managed to get you into some business schools and suddenly one day, you get to know that due to some Corona virus pandemic, schools would be closed. What do you think about this? But to overcome this situation, colleges and universities have begun taking online classes in which you just have to open your laptop or PC and taking classes on video calls.

Some Colleges & Universities provide online degrees in the finance field. These degree courses would be priced same as offline courses and assignments & exams would also be taken. If you want to get a degree in Finance and prove you can also do something great in this planet, you should not wait for anything but start your online finance degree right now.

5 Best Online Degrees in Finance in 2021

In this article, you'll see which are the universities which provide excellent online bachelor's and master's degree in finance. You can attend these degree courses wherever you are. These degree courses will not be pre-recorded. All the lectures would be taken by universities' professors. So, don't think it as some low grade online courses. It would be a real class where you will gain financial knowledge and at the end you'll have a degree in Finance with your name on it.

So, without delaying more, let's get started.

1. B.Sc. Marketing - University of London

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University of London is one of the most popular university in the world. The university provides B.Sc. Marketing online degree. The application for this B.Sc. Marketing degree opens twice a year where you can apply through direct entry or performance based admission. After completing this 3-6 years online degree, you'll earn internationally recognized marketing degree. This Marketing Online Degree total costs £12,000 – £16,000 (depends on geographical location) for 3-6 years of online classes. These classes will be 10-12 hours a week with overall 12 modules. And finally earning a college degree from a very renowned university is simply an extra-ordinary thing.

2. MBA in Business Analytics - O.P. Jindal Global University

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O.P. Jindal Global University is India #1 private university which provides MBA in Business Analytics online degree. This online degree in Business Analytics total costs Rs. 550,000 / $7,500 USD. The degree course is 2-3 years of duration in which students are offered 10 hours a week syllabus to do. This MBA in Business Analytics online degree is completely online. You'll learn to solve business related problems with applying data analytics. Students can directly learn and interact globally with highly qualified and experienced professors and peers. But Students must have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university in India or Abroad.

3. Master of Business Administration - Fundação Instituto de Administração

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The Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) provides the world-class MBA courses and it is, itself , ranked #2 business school for the executive MBAs in Latin America. The professors teach in this MBA are well qualified and highly experienced which are also from some of the most reputable institutions globally. Not only this, they have high experience in real life business in various organizations. This MBA course from FIA costs around $10,000 USD and has course duration of 2 years study with around 10 hours a week classes. This online degree in Finance or MBA is completely online. You can learn more from the above given link.

4. Master of Finance - HSE University

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HSE University has been ranked #1 Russian University in master's degree in finance around the world. This university offers wide range of elective courses and you can also choose to study an applied course in advanced data analysis and machine learning in finance. This Master's of Finance is completely online degree which costs around 1,280,000 RUB (~17049 USD or 14,163 Euro). This Online Master's Degree in Finance contains 18 courses to complete within 24 months or 2 years.

5. Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA) - Macquarie University

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Macquarie University is ranked Australia's #1 and globally #6. This great university provides uniquely designed  future-focused capabilities while teaching traditional MBA syllabus in accounting, marketing and core business foundations. You'll be perfect in Strategising, Leading, Analysing, Influencing, Adapting, and Problem Solving. Students will solve real-world problems by collaborating with number of industry partners. This Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA) from Macquarie University total costs around AUD $33,000 (~ $25482.27 USD or 21199.98 EURO). This University GMBA course will be 14-32 months of duration in which 10-12 hours a week study curriculum. This GMBA from Macquarie University is completely online.

Best Online Degrees in Finance Globally

Pandemic has changed the way we used to live. They have changed the way we used to study. Now students have to get their degrees online. At least for during the pandemic. That's why, I have put down the 5 best Online Degrees in Finance, MBA or Marketing from some of the world's leading universities. These universities have great reputation for best study curriculum and provides a very reputed degrees. Choose your university and apply for it. 

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