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Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch in India & Battlegrounds Mobile India restrictions in India

Krafton, the original creator of PUBG mobile has exclaimed recently that they are bringing one of the most popular mobile game PUBG back in India under a new name as Battlegrounds Mobile India. This new name, as you can see in the above picture, is themed as Indian Flag and shown fully opposite of PUBG mobile. It is said that this game will provide the excellent multiplayer action and free-to-play gaming experience on mobile devices.

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The developers also said that they will soon start their pre-registration Battlegrounds Mobile India after its perfect launch in India. Although they haven't revealed the release date, but quite sure, it will provide the best gaming arena for one of the biggest internet market in the world, said Krafton.

They also said, "Krafton will collaborate with partners to build an esports ecosystem while bringing in-game content regularly starting with a series of India in-game events at launch, to be announced later."

As you know, Indian government has banned 100 Chinese apps along with PUBG last year as they were suspected to steal data from the users indirectly. So, taking care of it, Krafton has taken several important steps like cutting ties between publishing partners Tencent, world-wide cloud deal with Microsoft and pledging to invest $100M investment in India's mobile gaming ecosystem etc.

"Although you know about the banning of 100+ apps which were connected to Chinese database, citing people's data concerns. Everything will be great if people's data doesn't get included. With the high priority of privacy and data security, Krafton will take care of protecting privacy and security regarding data protection at every stage with its industry partners. This means, in the meantime, privacy rights will be respected and all type of data collection will be done under the rules & regulations in India", Krafton explained in the statement.

As the company didn't reveal about the conversation with the central government and receiving any approval of launch with the new title. In the beginning of this year, government said they were holding the ban of Chinese apps. This wasn't the first time, Krafton has annoyed the return of PUBG mobile in India.

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Users were playing PUBG during the ban of this game?

PUBG after getting banned, PUBG was and still the most popular game in India. Previously, it was played by 50M+ active users in the country. PUBG mobile still got 10 Million active users last month as per the popular mobile insight firm. This is done because they were using VPNs to bypass country restrictions.

New Restrictions On Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Krafton has applied restrictions to play Battlegrounds Mobile India in the country so that they can obey the laws and regulations of India. They have proposed that first the users have to submit their phone numbers of their parents & guardians to play this game, the daily time to play is restricted to 3 hours and one person can spend money about $95 per day. So, these are the restrictions that you'll see after the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India a.k.a PUBG.


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