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How To Remove or Disable Apps and Games from Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used social media application. Millions of People around the world use Facebook for sharing pictures, videos and other useful information. Today, Facebook worth $907B USD which is among the top companies in the world.

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People can share photos, videos, texts and also chat with each other on Facebook. Sometimes, you see there are some suggested apps and games on Facebook where you are asked to sign up using Facebook and start using applications/games on Facebook too. Do you know, some of these applications are made to steal your personal information? Shocked, right? Yes, these apps are just to steal your information where some hackers are allowed to see what you are doing or hear what you are saying near your computer.

How does hackers steal data from these Facebook Apps or Games? Hackers use a special coding method where you accidentally allow them to secretly watch your profile. When you sign up with your Facebook profile to play games or apps, you allow them to use your username & password to do whatever they want to do. That's why, next time, you should beware of these fraud applications and games.

So, now, think, you have lots of apps and games added to your Facebook profile but  don't know which apps are bad. In this case, you just have one choice to delete all your apps and games from Facebook. 

Thus, in this article, you'll learn how you can remove/delete apps and games from your Facebook profile. So, without wasting any time, let's do it.

Step1: Open your Facebook application on mobile or PC.

Step2: Now Go to the menu and click on Settings & Privacy.

Step3: Now you'll see Settings button. Click on Settings.

Step4: Look at the left panel on the screen. You'll see Apps & Websites. Click on it.

Step5: Now you will see those apps and games which are connected with your Facebook Profile. Select those apps/games which you want to delete/remove from Facebook.

Step6: After selecting all the unnecessary apps and games, click on blue Remove button on top of that list.

Step7: You will be asked to remove related messages and posts to those apps/games from your Facebook timeline. If you want to delete all posts which are shared from these apps & games, select that option and click on Remove. All the unnecessary apps/games will be removed from your Facebook.

That's how you can remove/delete suspicious apps and games from your Facebook profile. These steps can also be used to see all linked apps/games with your Facebook.

Remove/Delete Apps and Games From Facebook

Removing unnecessary applications and games is required to keep your personal data secure. By following above steps, you can easily delete those suspicious apps and games. We are removing these apps and games because some apps/games can be dangerous for our personal data. As we have signed up these apps/games by using our Facebook profile that's why we have unintentionally given the access to watch our Facebook activity. That's why it is very important to remove those apps or games.

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