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Best sites to find rooms and apartments in New York

NYC - one of the most popular cities in the whole world. And finding a good apartment here is not a big deal. Because NYC has a great collection of amazing but expensive apartments.

Whenever you transfer to NYC to earn some bucks, you need some place to live in. But begging apartment owners and house owners is not a good way either. There a many applications which can be used to find and book an apartment where you can also find reasonable prices for your apartment living.

Most of the people in NYC have apartments where they pay monthly rents to live in. New York is a big and productive place, so you never want to get behind of anyone. If you have a promising career where you can afford to easily manage your expenses and pay your rent easily then NYC is not less than a heaven.

So, in this article, you'll get to know about some of the best and the most used mobile applications to find apartments in NYC and you can also check monthly rent on these applications. You just need to find the best application and sign up for yourself in your smartphone and you are ready to find your best apartment in New York. So, without wasting any time further, let's get started.

Street Easy

Street Easy is one of the best apartment finder application for NYC in US. It has a very easy User Interface where people just need to enter the location and all the apartments available in that particular area will be shown directly on their mobile screen. Street Easy has their own iOS and Android application for finding the best apartment in NYC at best prices. It allows users to filter search results by location, amenities, square footage and there is also brokerage fee for getting the apartment from Street Easy. is also a great choice for finding an apartment in New York City at great rent prices. Here, apartments are either for sale or for rent. provides even details about neighbor houses and no. of people in that area or any other information like parks for cycling or dog parks near the apartment etc. It also provides information whether there is any school nearby or not.

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Zumper has the best minimal user interface with easy apartment searching option. When you visit Zumper, you see a search bar like "Where do you want to live?", you enter your preferred location and just click on search. Zumper provides instant results for the best apartments and you can also enable push notification for your preferred location for Zumper to find the best apartments with most of the facilities required. There is zero brokerage fee with Zumper and they also schedule an apartment tour from their site.


From Renthop, people usually get connected with the listing agent directly for all information regarding new apartment in a particular area. It also provides ratings from previous rented apartments and let users know the real time value of any apartment. The Renthop has their own iOS and Android apps, you can also search apartments from their website. The website offers clean and simple interface from where you just need to enter your location, room for how many people and just click search and then all the apartments meeting your criteria will be displayed on your screen.

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Triple Mint

Triple Mint has a very simple UI for searching apartment for sale or rent. When you search for any city, for example New York, it shows all the available apartments in list form on the left side and you will also see a large map on the right side to change your location. But more or less, Triple Mint requires you to sign up with your E-Mail and then you can search for any apartment in NYC or any other place. But demerit of this site is that they don't have any iOS or Android application.

Hot Pads

Hot Pads has a very beautiful home page with simple search bar. To search for an apartment, you just need to search your location, for example New York City, choose your price range, then choose total beds required and then click on search. Hot Pads always enlists all new listings regarding new apartments on sale or rent and available apartments and rooms. User can also download Hot Pads' iOS and Android applications from App Store and Play Store respectively.

Pad Mapper

Pad Mapper has a quite fast website which offers instant room finding and apartment finding. Users who need an apartment in NYC can also choose Pad Mapper for searching the best apartments nearby in NYC at reasonable prices. Currently, it shows more than 9,000 available apartments in NYC with 253 neighborhoods. Like most of the other companies, Pad Mapper also has iOS and Android application for easy searching an apartment in NYC. You can also filter your search with number of rooms and price range. 

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Room Zoom

Room Zoom is the only site which offers apartments only in New York. It has a very cool website with lots of colors. For exploring or contacting for apartment, you need to sign up first on Room Zoom. It represents like a Craigslist of apartments itself. It has a very modern design to explore apartments. Room Zoom actually matches up with roommates comparing your preferred searches and then shows you the best matched apartments of your need. It's that much easy. Room Zoom's algorithm actually find you the best available apartment or room for rent under your budget and your search preferences. Although Room Zoom doesn't have any iOS and Android application but it has a very beautiful and attractive User Interface of the website where you will love to explore different-different apartments and rooms. But remember, all you need to do it first, is to sign up for Room Zoom.

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