How To Delete Old Profile Picture from Telegram - Tech Harry

How To Delete Old Profile Picture from Telegram - Tech Harry

Telegram has gained so much popularity these days that now it's competing with Whatsapp. If we talk about Telegram's main features, Telegram supports auto night mode to switch to the dark theme, chats you are exchanging with your friends are private in Telegram and there are many more amazing features of using Telegram.

In Whatsapp, messages are not encrypted that's why they can be read by hacking your Whatsapp. But in the case of Telegram, it is hardly possible to read anyone's messages & chats because chats exchanged in Telegram are encrypted before receiving to provide full privacy and security.

There is also a feature where users can actually add multiple profile pictures in Telegram. But can you delete one of those profile pictures from Telegram profile pictures? The answer is: YES. You can delete your uninterested profile pictures from Telegram. In this article, you'll learn to remove or delete profile pictures directly from your telegram account. So, without wasting any time, let's get started.

Delete Old Profile Picture from Telegram in iPhone and iPad

Deleting Profile Picture from Telegram in iPhone and iPad is a longer process than deleting profile pictures in Android smartphones and Android Tablets. There are a few steps to delete telegram profile pictures on iPhone and iPad. Let's check out now.

1. Open Telegram on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Click on Settings which is placed at the bottom of the page.

3. Now, click on your Avatar on the Top.

4. You'll see Edit Button on the top-right corner.

5. Now, click on your profile picture and then you'll see your multiple profile pictures which can be seen by all your friends and family members.

6. Now you'll see a delete button on the right bottom of the screen. Click on the delete button and then click on remove to instantly remove a particular profile picture from Telegram profile pictures.

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That's how you can delete or remove your profile picture from Telegram.

Delete Old Profile Picture From Telegram in Android Phone and Android Tablet

Just now we have discussed the steps to remove profile pictures from Telegram on iPhone and iPad.

But now, we'll discuss doing the same in Android smartphones and Android Tablets. So, let's get started.

1. Open Telegram on your Android phone or Android tablet.

2. Now go to the Menu icon and click on your profile picture.

3. Now swipe to that profile picture that you want to remove or delete from Telegram Profile Pictures.

4. Now you'll see the menu icon on the top-right corner, click on that.

5. Click on the Delete button and a pop-up will be displayed. Again click on the Delete Button to remove/delete the chosen profile picture from Telegram.

You follow these steps again for removing more profile pictures from Telegram


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