How To See Someones Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing

How to see someone's Snapchat story without them knowing

Snapchat has gained so much traffic in a very short time that now almost everyone has installed this application on their smartphone. Users can chat, send images, videos and voice messages to their Snapchat Friends.

Snapchat is so much secure and private application that if someone tries to screenshot anyone's image or video, it automatically sends messages like "Your-friend has taken a screenshot" directly to their accounts. Here, Your-friend is the username of the person who took screenshot.

People has been actually remained quite active on Snapchat than previous years. They send images everyday  to interact with their friends which is called "Snapchat Streak". Snapchat Streak is actually a very interesting way to interact with your friends everyday where you and your friend have to send at least one live image not from the camera roll. Snapchat is the first application which started the feature of 24-hours image or video stories. Then Instagram and Facebook added this feature into their applications.

Today, we are going to talk about only Snapchat Stories and its hack.

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How To See Someone's Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing?

Snapchat is a very cool application in which, users can add images and videos in their stories. But every time when you open someone's story, the owner can view that you have seen their stories. But do you know that you can hide this feature where you can anonymously see someone's Snapchat story. Let's see the full steps where you can actually see anyone's Snapchat story anonymously or without them knowing. So, let's see.

1. Open Snapchat on your smartphone and enter your username and password credentials.

2. Now, click on the Discover page situated bottom right corner of the screen.

How to see someones Snapchat story without them knowing

3. When you land on the stories page, you'll see number of different stories from your friends. Just Refresh the page and let the stories be loaded.

Remember do not open any story yet.

4. Now, when all the stories are uploaded, close the Snapchat app and turn off the mobile data or WiFi (Whatever you are using just turn it off).

how to turn off mobile data on iphone

5. You can also turn On Airplane Mode instead of turning everything off.

6. Now, re-open Snapchat on your mobile phone and open the same story you have loaded first.

7. You'll be able to see every uploaded Snapchat stories of your friends and followed people.

8. Just Make sure that you have put your mobile on Airplane Mode or your mobile data or WiFi is turned Off.

9. Once you view all the loaded Snapchat stories, fully close the Snapchat application and then after that turn your mobile data or WiFi On again.

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Just remember, this trick is only available for those who have turned their mobile data or WiFi Off. If you haven't turn it Off, then there will be no anonymity.

There is also the best chance of not get caught while viewing Snapchat story when the story is about to get expired. Otherwise, there is a very rare chance of getting known by the story owner but this trick mostly works.

So, that's it for this article. I hope you like it. If so, then don't forget to share it with your friends and family.

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