What's New in Latest Windows 11: Themes, UI, Start, Voice Assistant and Many More


Microsoft Windows 11 Features, Themes and Widgets

Microsoft recently launched Microsoft's Windows 11. It brings a new freshness along with its UI, collection of themes and many more interactive icons and buttons.

After waiting for so long, Microsoft has officially launched it. I know, if you are tech savvy like me, then you must have got the freshness of new Operating System with some touch of previous OS i.e. Microsoft Windows 10.

Microsoft claimed it to be the next gen Windows operating system which will bring you new opportunities after the launch of the new Windows 11.

Users can definitely see a cycle since some of the previous Windows Operating Systems where old Windows XP ✅ was amazing but if we talk about the next OS Windows Vista ❌ that was horrible. Likewise, Windows 7 ✅ was great but Windows 8 didn't leave a mark. But our favorite Windows 10 was awesome with great new features and now, if we talk about this cycle where one OS is great and other is awful, then Windows 11 definitely have to leave a great mark in the tech world to break this cycle.

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Windows 11 Whats, Hows & New Features:

How To Download Windows 11?

Windows 11 is recently launched by Microsoft. Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will come free of cost with the latest Windows Laptop series and probably users will also get free Windows 11 updates after some time if they are found eligible.

To download and install Windows 11, you need to go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update, and click Check for Updates. If update is available, you'll see Feature update to Windows 11. Click Download and install to update to latest Windows 11.

Latest Windows 11 Features

It is the latest official OS from Windows and you can't think that it will not bring anything new or upgraded. Windows 11 has so many things under the hood. Let's talk about it one by one.

1. New Desktop UI, Transparency and Much Tabular Form

Microsoft always brings something new. This time in Windows 11, Microsoft has changed a lot in the task bar. Start button and all the pinned icons are now centered align but nothing change for Date & Time, Weather or other connectivity icons, they all are in the same place like before.

Windows 11 Pop-Up Start Menu

Users can see floating and transparent desktop at the very first time. Microsoft has provided tabular form desktop, something new with the Operating System, of course. Users can directly see background along with all the applications in the Start Menu. Start Menu Apps opens with a pop-up animation from bottom-to-top as compared to previous Windows 10.

Latest Notification and Action Center UI in Windows 11

Windows 11 has fully converted the Taskbar Settings UI into a very minimal widgets area with minimal look. The new Action Center accurately matches the minimalism of the overall UI of Windows 11. Microsoft has provided fast and minimal action center along with notification bar. Users are provided toggle buttons for WiFi, Bluetooth, Battery Saver, Focus Assist and many more important settings for instant usage. Users are also provided Snap Layouts which is very useful to snap applications on the desktop in Windows 11 Laptop or PC.

Windows 11 All New Widgets + Install Android Apps Directly 

Microsoft has changed a lot with the widgets too. They have upgraded with the widgets section in the start menu. Even if we talk about the taskbar icons, other widgets and settings have also been given a touch of transparency so that most of the users like the change.

The most important change we can sense in Windows 11 is that, now it supports Android applications and other applications directly without installing any other 3rd party software like Bluestack or anything. It means you can download and install Android apps directly from Windows 11.

New Windows-11 Widgets

Upgraded Microsoft Store

We can see the hard work applied on the new Windows 11 operating system. There are so many cool things upgraded like widgets, settings, start menu, taskbar as well as official Microsoft Store.

As you can see, everything has a glassy and transparent look in the new Windows 11. That's why, to match with everything Microsoft has also upgraded the Microsoft Store into a tabular style window with glassy shade overall.

Now, new powerful Microsoft Store provides the users all type of UWP Apps, PWAs or Win32 Apps right from the Store. This means, you will be able to download and play every universal applications like XBox and Android applications and games etc.

A great news for the app developers that they will not need to share any of their revenue to the Windows from the different applications and now they can bring their own commerce engine to their apps while keeping 100% of their revenue.

So, that's it for New Windows 11 Updates, Features, Themes, Widgets and Many More. Follow our Instagram and Facebook for more new updates.

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