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At Tech Harry, we already discussed the steps of password protecting a PDF file so that it can't be retrieved by some unknown entity that can be harmful to you and your company. But password protection on a PDF disallows the users to edit and even delete that PDF file.

So, this article will surely help you to remove password protection or decrypt the PDF file so that in case you forgot your PDF password or you think you can forget the password, you can have access to your file.

How To Remove Password From Protected PDF?

PDF files can be password protected and encrypted to secure from other people and these passwords can be removed from the PDF permanently and quite easily. There are several ways to remove passwords from encrypted PDF files.

Removing Password from Secured PDF Files or Encrypted PDF Files

This method is done by using Adobe Acrobat and this method is quite popular. Let's see the steps to remove passwords from protected PDF files.

1. Open the PDF you want to remove the password.

2. Now, click on Tools > Protect > More Options > Remove Security

3. Above given options depend on the type of password given on the document.

(a) If the file has only a Document Open password, just click OK to remove it from the document.

(b) If the file has a permissions password, enter your PDF protection password in the Enter Password box and then click OK. Now, again click OK to confirm your choice to remove the password.

What is Permissions Password in PDF Documents?

Permissions Password is also known as Master Password. It needs a password to change the permission settings. Using permissions passwords, users can restrict editing, printing, and copying of the content from the protected PDF. Although users don't need a password to open the PDF in Acrobat Reader but need a password to change the restrictions users have set.

How To Restrict Editing of PDF File?

Users can restrict others to edit the PDF files. Others need passwords to have access to edit the PDF like editing texts, adding images, moving objects from one place to another, or adding form fields. Without having a password, users are still able to fill in the forms or sign them. Let's see the steps to restrict the editing of PDF files.

1. Open your PDF file in Acrobat.

2. (A) Choose File > Protect Using Password OR

(B). Choose Tools > Protect > Protect Using Password

3. A pop-up window will appear. Click 'Yes' to change security.

4. Now choose Editing and now type and retype your password in the required fields. Your password must have more than 6 characters and you'll see password strength on the right side of the password field. It will indicate that your password is weak, medium, or strong.

5. Click Apply. Adobe Acrobat will show you a confirmation message that your PDF file is successfully protected with a password.