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How To Send Whatsapp Chat Backup From iPhone To Android
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Whatsapp is the biggest chat service in the world. It was created by Brian Acton in February 2009 and then after some years, Facebook bought Whatsapp in $4 Billion in cash and $12 Billion in Facebook shares which is an approximate total of $16 Billion.

Whatsapp users find it very difficult to download Whatsapp Chats Backup and then send it to another platform like sending chat backups from iPhone to Android. This messaging app was reportedly working on new ways to ease the process of doing this. Although, during the processing time, Whatsapp allowed the users to send profile pictures, names, about, chats, and settings during switching from one platform to another.

How To Send Whatsapp Chat Backup From iPhone To Android Phones

Switching from iPhone to Android, you will not find any inner option to transfer chats from one phone to another phone within the app. This mainly happens because Whatsapp for iOS stores backup chats in iCloud storage for iPhone users whereas Whatsapp for Android phones uses Google Drive to store that backup chats.

Although, users can export their chats via mail and then restore it on another phone each chat will need individually exported, that's why it is a quite complex process. But users can definitely transfer and restore chat backups and that's a guarantee.

Users have two options to think about during the transfer of chat backups. Either the user will transfer all the chats or users will only transfer important chats. It is up to the users. So, now, let's see the steps to transfer chat backups from iPhone to Android:

1. Open Whatsapp on your iPhone and Swipe Left on the chat you want to export.

2. Tap More in the menu and then select the Export Chat option.

3. Now a menu will be opened which is a share menu where you choose the Mail option. Your connected mailbox will be shown with the attached chat backup file.

4. Now Enter the email address you want to send this chat file and click Send. (You must be allowed to send mails to that email address).

5. Now bring your Android phone and open the Email app. Download the chat backup file which is attached to the mail. All these above steps will be needed for each chat to transfer from iPhone to Android. You have to send multiple emails with attached chat backups. The number of emails is depended on the number of chats you want to export from iPhone to Android.

6. Now this step is very important for all the backup to be restored in Whatsapp on your Android phone. If you have Whatsapp installed on your phone, you have to delete it and then re-install it from the beginning. Complete all the setup processes and in between, you will see an option to restore. Then click on the Restore option to restore all the chats which were previously on your iPhone. Now, click on Next.

7. All the exported chats from iPhone to Android should appear on your Android phone.

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