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What is Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC
Source: Microsoft

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC and How Is It Better Than Azure Virtual Desktop?

It's been less than a month when Microsoft launched latest Windows 11 operating system and now it has launched Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Windows 365 Cloud PC is a newly launched lightweight Windows PC client for businesses in Cloud. It has come to provide updation to the previous Microsoft 365 Suite. So, what is Windows 365 Cloud PC, how does it really works and how is it differ from Microsoft's existing Azure Virtual Desktop (remote desktop solution)? We'll discuss every question in this article. So, stay tuned.

Windows 365 Cloud PC: Brief Explanation

Microsoft had recently launched Windows 11 operating system which is completely different from the existing Windows 10. And now a day back, it also launched Windows 365 Cloud PC which provides service for getting the latest Windows 11 and existing Windows 10 remotely on Cloud. Microsoft described it as "cloud service that introduces a new way to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11 … to businesses of all sizes". But many developers are still confused with all that because it is a lot of Pull Requests to repack the Azure Virtual Desktop in a whole new Avatar at such premium price. I'll try to get deep in this new upcoming Virtual Desktop Cloud PC service below in this article.

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What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?

Windows 365 is a new SaaS (Software as a service) which is offered recently by Microsoft to combine the power, security and portability of a Cloud and simplicity of client's PC. It is quite similar to the Microsoft's Azure Virtual Desktop but the new Windows 365 offers Cloud virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) which is here to provide virtual desktops and remote applications on a subscription fee. Microsoft hoped that with this new Cloud Virtual Desktop service will help the organizations to be more rapid and productive.

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC?
Source: Microsoft

As per the Microsoft, Windows 365 would let the users securely access their personalized Windows experience including desktop, apps, settings and content at any time to any device. The company claims that the it would modernize the way Windows experiences are delivered for anyone on any device. And they would also offer premium experience to all end users so that users will not need to worry about the PC getting slowing down or lagged internet connection. “It’s easy to use and just as easy for IT to manage using familiar tools and processes,” said Microsoft in its official Windows 365 documentation.

In straightforward terms, Windows 365 offers a Windows-based Cloud PC that you can get to use a browser on your Windows PC or in a Linux PC, Chromebook, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android gadget. At its center, it is a client that offers remote Windows desktops to organizations as they hope to accept remote working after their experience during the pandemic. Like Office 365, you can likewise utilize Windows 365 in any cutting edge program, similar to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.

Targeted Audience By Windows 365

Windows 365 is strictly an organizations offering and not a consumer product for retail users. Small companies with a few employees and large companies with thousands of employees from different locations around the globe can take full advantage of Windows 365 Cloud PC.

According to Microsoft chairman and CEO Satya Nadella, Windows 365 would provide “organizations with greater flexibility and a secure way to empower their workforce to be more productive and connected, regardless of location.”

Windows 365 Target Audience

But it remains a mystery until it happens, whether Microsoft will launch consumer version of service with one simple click setup for retail users or not. But for now, it is entirely focused on enterprise product. Until then retail users can take advantage of choosing the new Windows 11 OS from Windows 10 and experience all of the new Windows 11 features which includes, UI, desktop, widgets panel, Microsoft Store with all Android apps support and many more.

Security Provided in Windows 365

Microsoft is bothering security as one of the foundations of Windows 365. As per the organization, the item is "secure by plan" and worked with the standards of Zero Trust. With network protection dangers on the ascent, you don't expect anything less from an assistance that will approach the entirety of your secret corporate information, which could be of enormous advantage for digital lawbreakers on the off chance that they can break into the framework.

Security Provided in Windows 365
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As indicated by Microsoft, your data in Windows 365 is put away in the cloud and not on the gadget, making it profoundly secure in any event, when workers access the help from unstable gadgets. Obviously, you would anticipate that any company should harp broadly on the security device for any undertaking focused contribution. That is particularly valid for a cloud-based assistance that may have significant results if pernicious entertainers gain admittance to private information in any capacity whatsoever.

How to Set up Your Windows 365 Cloud PC?

As we have mentioned effectively, the Windows 365 setup process is complex, laborious, and best left to proficient IT administrators. Microsoft has planned the product as a completely overseen administration that will expect IT to assign and design Cloud PCs utilizing enterprise tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Microsoft claims that conveying Windows 365 would be a somewhat simple endeavor for IT offices. You can look at the video underneath to draw a nearer take a gander at the stream to send a Windows 365 cloud PC for your group. Be that as it may, as of now, at any rate, there is no purchaser form and no simple arrangement choice for would-be retail clients.

The interesting aspects of Windows 365 is to change the Cloud PC's specifications to match the demand on the device. As per the Microsoft, this feature will help companies to dedicate the required resources to various users based on their requirements. In case of low score, you can add up more RAM, CPU cores or storage resources for a particular client's cloud PC.

Is Windows 365 Better Than Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop?

Microsoft is yet to report every one of the subtleties for its forthcoming remote desktop service, so it's hard to pinpoint each similarity and distinction between the two services. Nonetheless, according to Microsoft's official blog post, the Windows 365 assistance will be definitely more smoothed out than the existing Azure Virtual Desktop solution. Cloud PCs are way more easy to setup for IT administrators and very easy to work with as a remote worker. 

Source: NVidia

Device Compatibility for Windows 365 

Windows 365 is a platform-independent service that you can virtually access from any device which can run a normal web browser. Users can use it on Linux, Mac, Chromebooks, iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones and Tablets. Everything you need to access Cloud PC service is a modern web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

Price and Launch Date of Windows 365

Microsoft is yet to declare anything on the estimating front however has mistakenly uncovered one of the membership levels. While the cost of the most minimal end Windows 365 Cloud PC with a solitary CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 64GB of capacity is as yet to come, the Cloud PC with two CPUs, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of capacity is valued at $31/month per client. That is not all, however. The Redmond monster will offer more SKUs, giving IT administrators the decision to send an even incredible Windows 365 PC for remote workers.

Additionally, the Redmond monster has affirmed an authority dispatch date for its new distant work area administration. Windows 365 will be accessible to organizations of all sizes beginning from August 2, 2021.

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