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How To Free Up Space on iPhone 13 and iPad 10

The new iPhone 13 series including iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max have been launched last week. They surely have lots of amazing features like a fast processing chipset, high storage variant option & the very popular its cinematic cameras.

But with the new iPhone, there will always be a notification that "Storage Capacity is Full!". Although, iPhone 13 series has a 1TB storage variant and that's quite enough but not everyone can purchase that particular storage variant iPhone.

And even the new iPad 10.0 doesn't have 1TB like storage in it. So, how would you free up space on iPhone and iPad? Let's check out.

How To Free Up Storage on iPhone and iPad?

Filling up storage fast means either your iPhone has storage wasting large files and media or your iPhone is always getting full by large storage applications & games. In case your iPhone is low on memory, you will probably see the lagging & slowing down of your iPhone. This happens when the storage is as low as 500MB. So, check out how you can free up space on an iPhone and iPad.

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Identify Which App is Consuming The Most Space

The first step, you will need to take is to check which apps and games are consuming the most space on your iPhone 13 or iPad 10.0. For this, you have to go Settings > General > iPhone Storage

How to check which app or game is consuming the storage the most?

After arriving in the iPhone Storage section, you will see a colorful graph bar where you can see which category of storage is consuming the most of your iPhone's storage. You will see Apps, Media, Photos, Messages, Others.

If you see the bar is full or almost full, you need to perform the following tricks for how to free up space on iPhone and iPad:

  • Enable Recommendations: Check for Recommendations in the iPhone Storage menu and hit the enable button. The enabling of Recommendations will help you to free up space on iPhone and clearly notify you with storage-saving tips from Apple below the Storage Bar.

How to enable offload unused apps on iPhone 13?

  • Delete Large & Unused Apps: In the Storage menu, you will find various applications & games which are installed on your computer. Find a particular application or game which consumes large storage and you use it few times. Just click on that application and you will see a Delete App button. Then you just need to confirm by clicking on the Delete App button.
  • There's another way to delete unused applications and games from your iPhone and iPad. In this way, you just need to go to the Home page. Now, select and hold the application you want to delete and after a few seconds, you'll see a red 'X' icon on top of the app/game. Just click on that red 'X' and you'll be asked to confirm. Just click on the Delete App button and that app will be deleted forever.
  • Offload Large Apps: Offloading is a great option to free up extra space on your iPhone. This usually means disabling apps and games from using iPhone's memory. To offload the apps, again visit iPhone Storage and choose the app you want to offload. Click on that app and then click Offload App. Confirm it by clicking on the Offload App button.

How to offload apps and games without losing data on iPhone?

  • Delete downloaded music: Deleting music can also be a useful method to free up space on your iPad or iPhone. To delete your music, go to iPhone Storage > Music and tap Edit. To delete all of your songs, tap the red minus (-) sign next to the “All Songs” option and then tap the delete button that appears. You can also delete individual artists by tapping the red minus sign and then Delete.

How to delete unused apps and games from iPhone 13?

  • Delete Old Podcasts: Podcasts consume large storage space on your iPhone. If you do not listen to the podcasts anymore, then deleting those unused podcasts could be another simple way to free up space on your iPhone. To delete podcasts, go to iPhone Storage > Podcasts and click Edit at the bottom of the screen. Now, click the red minus (-) sign right next to a podcast and then the delete button. When you delete a podcast, all the episodes will be removed. You can also stop the Automatic Download Podcasts by going to the Settings > Podcasts. Under the Episode Downloads screen, click on the Off button. If you want to start listening to podcasts in the future, you can again turn it On in the same way.
  • Store Photos on Cloud: Storing photos and videos on Cloud will make an extreme change in your iPhone's storage. Photos and videos are one of the most consuming memories on your iPhone. To do so, go to Settings > Photos > iCloud Photos. Then make sure the slider next to iCloud Photos is green and enabled. You can again restore the images and videos from iCloud anytime.
  • Turn off Photo Streaming: You can turn off Photo Stream by going to Settings > Photos then toggle off the Upload to My Photo Stream button. You will find it disabled when it's greyed out. You can also automatically offload unused apps by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Offload Unused Apps. Apps will automatically be offloaded when the slider is green.

  • Only save HDR-quality photos. You can save space by going to Settings > Camera and toggling the Keep Normal Photo button off.

How to enable only HDR images on iPhone?

  • Delete content stored in Messages: You can manually delete content in Messages by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Messages. The content is always stored in five categories: Top Conversation, Photos, Videos, GIFs and Stickers, and Other. Every category shows how much space it consumes on your iPhone.
  • Automatically delete messages: There is an option to automatically delete old messages from the iPhone. To delete old messages, just go to Settings > Messages. Under Message History, click on Keep Messages, then choose either 30 Days or 1 Year. Tap on Delete to confirm your option and delete older messages in an instant.

How to set automatically delete old messages on iPhone?

  • Clear your browser cache: To clear Safari cache files, go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data. You can delete website data individually or choose to Remove All Websites Data.
  • Delete old voice notes: You can delete a voice memo by opening the Voice Memos app and tapping Edit. Then select a recording you want to remove and hit Delete.
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