Windows Defender for Office 365 is being Suspicious with Email Attachments

Windows Defender for Office 365 is going to Get Three New Updates to Suspend Malicious File Attachments

Microsoft will provide three additional file types to check in Windows Defender Attachment Filter.

Microsoft is going to provide its Windows Defender for Office 365 users a new update in which Windows Defender will easily recognize some malicious file formats and remove those attachments in an instant. There is always a chance of getting our accounts hacked by hackers by throwing a malicious file attachment in our mail. When we unknowingly download that attachment into our PC, we get hacked and there is a 99.999% chance our data will also get stolen. Just downloading an attachment from the mail can cause us to get stolen of all our credit card details, bank details, personal phone numbers, company's important files, and everything inside the computer. But with the installation of the updates into our Windows Defender for Office 365, it will automatically scan all the attachments before getting into your hands.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is a cloud-based email filtering software that provides help to organizations from advanced threats to email, and online collaboration tools like phishing, business email compromises, and malware attacks.

The cloud-based software also offers its user's investigation, hunting, and maintenance capabilities so that the security teams can effectively identify, prioritize, investigate, and take action against threats.

Although Defender for Office 365 is only useful for cloud-based email protection for an organization's in-house Exchange-server environment, it can also be enabled to protect Exchange Online cloud-hosted mailboxes like Office365, G-Suite, Zoho Workplace, Rackspace, etc.

Common Attachment Filter Update in Windows Defender for Office365

As per a new updated post to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Microsoft explained that its currently updating the common attachment filter in Microsoft Defender for Office 365's anti-malware policy. Generally, Microsoft is adding three new file types to the software's common attachment filter or you can say it's default block list. Later this month or earlier next month, Defender for Office 365's Anti-malware policy will be updated with these three new file types and you can refer to the Software's Message Center to see the updated list.

Securing your organization from malicious file attachments containing malware is as important as creating your organization's files. And that's why companies use Microsoft Defender for Office 365 software. With this new update, the software will be even more improved at distinguishing malware so that it can secure users from clicking on emails with suspicious attachments.


1. What is Microsoft Office 365 Defender?

Microsoft 365 Defender is a unified pre- and post-breach enterprise defense suite that natively coordinates detection, prevention, investigation, and response across endpoints, identities, email, and applications to provide integrated protection against sophisticated attacks.

2. How do I deploy Microsoft Office 365 Defender?

1. Create the evaluation environment

2. Enable Defender for Identity

3. Enable Defender for Office 365

4. Enable Defender for Endpoint

5. Enable Microsoft Cloud App Security

6. Investigate and respond to threats.

7. Promote the trial to production.

3. How To Enable Email Security in Office 365 Defender?

1. Configure DKIM, DMARC, SPF

2. Deploy EOP (Exchange Online Protection)

3. Set up Office Message Encryption

4. Enable Office 365 ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) - this blog

5. Enable Office 365 MFA with Authenticator App



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