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How to find your mac address on Windows 11

If you think you know everything about your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC, you might be wrong. Sometimes you just need to know the physical address or Mac Address (Media Access Control Address) of your network adapter on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC. So, here are some ways to find it out.

Every System has a Network Adapter with its Own MAC Address

That's a Computer 101: A network adapter is a device in every PC that connects to a network either via Ethernet, WiFi, or another method. In some systems, a network adapter comes with a separate card installed, and in other systems, it is built into the hardware.

First, know the fact that every network adapter has its own unique MAC address. So if your PC has both an Ethernet port with an Ethernet Adapter, and a WiFi connection with a WiFi Adapter, each one of those connection methods will have its own MAC address.

Find Your MAC Address Using Settings

To find your MAC Address in Windows 10 or Windows 11, follow the below steps:

1. First, open settings by pressing Windows + 'i' keys on the keyboard.

2. Then find and click Network & Internet.

Network & Internet in Windows 11

3. After opening Network & Internet settings on Windows 11, click "Advanced Network Settings", and then select "Hardware and Connection Properties."

Hardware and Connection Settings in Windows 11

4. In Hardware and Connection Properties, you'll see a list of information about every network adapter installed on your PC. There you'll see Physical Address (MAC). That's your system's MAC address.

If necessary, you can also select and copy the MAC address and paste it to a text file or any messaging app.

Find Your MAC Address Using Control Panel

As I always say that Control Panel is the most important application on a system. Further, Control Panel can also be used to check the MAC Address of your system. To find your MAC Address using Control Panel, check the following steps:

1. Open the Control Panel and click on "View network status and tasks" under Network and Internet section.

View network status and tasks in Control Panel in Windows 11

2. Then, you'll see a different set of active network connections. Find the network adapter you want to find the MAC Address of. Then click the link beside "Connections." You'll typically read "Ethernet" or "WiFi".

WiFi and Intenet Settings in Windows 11

3. Now, in the WiFi Status or Ethernet Status window, click the "Details" button.

Network Connection Details in Windows11
4. In the next window that is "Network Connection Details" you'll find your network adapter's MAC Address besides the "Physical Address."

That's it for finding your network adapter's MAC Address using the Control Panel settings.


Find Your MAC Address Using Command Prompt

There are popular and not-so-popular ways to find the system's MAC Address. We have covered the popular ways to find out i.e. finding MAC Addresses using the Control Panel, and the Settings app. But now the only remaining way for extracting the system's MAC Address is by using Command Prompt which is a not-so-popular way to get the Windows 11 MAC Address and by using the "ipconfig" command. So, without wasting any more time, let's get started.

1. First, open the Command Prompt or Windows Terminal window by clicking Windows + 'X' key and then clicking the "Windows Terminal" window.

2. Now, type "ipconfig / all".

ipconfig cmd command in Windows 11

3. After typing the command and then clicking enter key you'll see a list of different pieces of information. Just locate the name of the adapter like Wireless LAN or Ethernet and then look for the "Physical Address."

When you have noted down the MAC Address or copy & paste it somewhere, you can close the window anytime.

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