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How to Remove Microsoft Teams on Windows 11

If you don't want to have Microsoft Teams on your latest Windows 11 PC because of its habit of running in the background or automatically launching whenever "Chat" is clicked, here's how to disable Microsoft Teams on Windows 11.

Why Does Microsoft Force Us to Use Teams?

Teams is Microsoft's collaboration and chat app which supports audio and video calls, text chats, group chat, and synchronizing schedules, among different other features. It is quite a competitor for software like Zoom, Google Chat, and Slack, and might be a replacement for Skype in the future. Microsoft always brings something new, and innovative that's why people use their services and that's how they make profits. That's why they brought Teams, and want us to use Teams most of the time we want to video call someone, or group chat.

Microsoft Teams is pre-installed within Windows 11 OS and those people who don't use this software might get irritated by its always running in the background on your system. Fortunately, there is a way to disable Teams, while you can't remove it permanently without damaging your Windows 11 installation. Microsoft thinks it is an essential part of Windows.

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How to Hide Teams Chat Taskbar Icon on Windows 11?

By default, Windows 11 shows Teams Chat icon on your taskbar with a purple bubble with a video camera inside. If you want to hide it, just follow the steps. Right-click on the Taskbar -> select Taskbar Settings -> Taskbar page from Personalization -> Expand Taskbar Items -> toggle the button to grey where "Chat" is written to turn off.

1. Right-click on the Taskbar.

2. Select "Taskbar Settings".

3. A new page "Personalization" will be opened. Choose "Taskbar" and then expand the Taskbar Items.

4. Find "Chat" with a purple bubble with a camera icon and toggle the switch to grey to turn off the Teams chat icon on Taskbar.

How to Hide Teams Chat Taskbar Icon on Windows 11

The Teams chat icon will be disappeared immediately from your taskbar. But remember, these steps are just for stopping Teams to show their icon on the taskbar, and this doesn't stop Teams to run in the background. But we'll definitely take any action to disable the Teams out of our sight.

How to stop Microsoft Teams to Automatically Launch at Startup?

If you've been using Windows 11 for a while then you must have seen Microsoft Teams appear whenever you log into your Windows 11 PC. This is because it has been added to startup apps. If you are annoyed with it, let's do something to stop Microsoft Teams to automatically launch at startup.

Open the Settings app by pressing the Windows Key and 'i' at the same time or you can just right-click on the Start button and select Settings. Now click on Apps -> Startup. You'll see a list of all the "Startup Apps" that automatically launch whenever you log in. Find "Microsoft Teams" and toggle the switch to grey to turn it off.

1. Open the Settings app by pressing Windows Key + "i" or right-click on the Start button and select Settings.

2. Choose "Apps" from the sidebar and click on "Startup" from the list.

Disable startup apps on Windows 11

3. You'll see a new window where all the "Startup Apps" are listed.

4. Find "Microsoft Teams" and toggle the switch to turn it off.

turn off switch to disable teams for automatically starting up.jpg

If you still find that Teams is running in the background then look at the desktop's bottom-right corner. You'll see various icons besides WiFi or Volume. You'll see the Teams icon (with purple "T"). Right-click on it and click on "Quit".

Now, Teams won't automatically run in the background until you manually launch it. Although, it's still not disabled on your PC. If you are willing to disable it intentionally, check out the next section.

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How to Disable or Uninstall Microsoft Teams?

Neither you want to remove the Teams icon from the taskbar nor stopping it from automatically open Chats whenever you log into your Windows account. But you do want to uninstall or disable the Microsoft Teams permanently until you don't need it. So, here are the steps.

1. Open the "Settings" app by clicking Windows key + 'i' key. You can also right-click on the Start menu and choose "Settings".

2. In Settings, click "Apps" and then click "Apps & features."

Windows 11 Apps and Features menu to disable Microsoft Teams

3. Scroll down the list of Apps and find "Microsoft Teams." Click the three-dots menu button and you'll see the "Uninstall" button.

Uninstall Microsoft Teams

4. Click on "Uninstall" and verify the process by again clicking on the "Uninstall" pop-up that appears, to disable Microsoft Teams temporarily from your Windows 11 PC.

How to Re-install Microsoft Teams?

If you want to re-install Microsoft Teams after some time, it's actually quite easy to do so. Microsoft Teams might have a backup copy to load again whenever you click on the "Chat" icon on the toolbar.

To re-install teams, all you just need to do is enable the taskbar Chat icon and click it. To do so, open Settings -> Personalization -> Taskbar -> expand "Taskbar items" ->  Toggle the switch beside "Chat" to turn On.

After following all the steps, just click on the Chat icon (the purple balloon camera icon) in your taskbar.

Microsoft Teams will automatically re-install itself and will automatically launch at startup again. If you again disable it in the future, follow the above steps.

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