New iPad Mini? Transfer Your iPad Cellular Data to Your New iPad

How to transfer your iPad cellular data plan to your new iPad

iPads with cellular data is quite popular because of the options to use data anytime whether WiFi is available nearby or not. But if you are going to get a new iPad with cellular data and you are not able to transfer your old cellular data plan to a new iPad, then, unfortunately, that's not the best iPad you can have.

But don't worry about anything. We are here to provide you the best iPhone hacks, iPhone tips & tricks. So, looking at it, there are some easy options available for how to transfer your old iPad cellular data to your new iPad, depends on the type of SIM card your iPad uses.

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The overall best and emerging iPad Pro (2021) is an example of what an awesome iPad can really be, so don't panic over not being able to transfer your iPad cellular data plan. Here's how you can transfer your iPad cellular data plan to your new iPad.

How to Transfer iPad Cellular Data Plan to a New iPad

There are simply two ways for two different SIM types to transfer iPad cellular data.

  • Transfer a data plan with eSIMs/Apple SIMs
  • Transfer a data plan with a SIM card

How To Transfer iPad Cellular Data with eSIMs or Apple SIMs

The following steps are for literally every iPad from 9.7-inch to 10.5-inch, second-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro to fourth-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the very eSIM.

1. Open Settings on your new cellular iPad.

2. Choose Cellular Data.

3. Choose the carrier you used with your old iPad.

4. Click on Transfer Service in the pop-up window.

5. As the next steps will be depended on the carrier, so carefully follow your carrier's directions to complete the transfer of the data plan.

This might take a little time for your iPad's cellular data plan to transfer, but after it's completed, you'll be ready to use cellular data on your new cellular iPad.

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How To Transfer a Data Plan from Old iPad Using SIM card to New Cellular iPad

If you are using a physical SIM, mostly a nano-SIM card for your old iPad then follow these steps to transfer cellular data from nano-SIM equipped iPad to a new iPad.

1. Switch off both your old iPad and your new iPad.

2. Open the SIM tray on your old iPad with the SIM remover tool that comes with the iPad.

3. Remove the SIM tray then remove the SIM card from your old iPad.

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for your new iPad. For new iPads, there might not come with a new SIM card of its own.

5. Place the old SIM card into the SIM tray of your new iPad.

6. Carefully insert the SIM tray back into your new iPad.

7. Turn on both iPads. Activation of both iPads may take a few minutes.

In case both SIM cards are of different sizes, you have to contact your carrier to get a new nano-SIM to place into your new iPad. Whenever you get it, follow the above steps including removing SIM from your old iPad and removing SIM trays of both iPads.


If you'd like to know more or ask something about transferring your iPad cellular data to another iPad, let us know in the comments.


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