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Change Time-Zone on Windows 11 automatically

Although, Windows 11 will automatically set your PC time-zone as per your location. But, in case, you accidentally turned it off (or Windows is confused), you have a choice to manually change the PC's time-zone as well. Here's how:

1. First open Windows 11 Settings or click Windows Key + 'i' on your keyboard. Or you can search it by opening Start > search for Settings > click the "Windows Settings" icon.

Search for settings on Windows 11

2. In the Settings, select "Time & Language" in the left sidebar. Then choose/select "Date & Time."

Open Time & Date in Settings (Windows 11)

3. When Date & Time is opened, scroll down and toggle the switch beside "Set Time Zone Automatically" to turn it On. When the switch changes to grey color it means your option has been enabled and the Windows 11 PC's time zone is updated and set to automatic.

Set Automatic Change Time & Date in Windows 11 Settings

4. After enabling the switch to On, it is time to set your location, or in terms of Microsoft, it is called Time Zone.

5. Scroll down one row, you'll see the "Time Zone" option. Click the drop-down menu and choose your time zone and it will be automatically set to your preferred choice.

Select Time Zone in Windows 11 Settings

After following all the steps, you probably have successfully updated your time zone and date & time correctly. In case, time-zone, or date & time is again changed, you can also follow below simple steps:

  • Open Settings ("Windows+i") > click Time & Language > Select Date & Time. Or if you want Windows to set it automatically, toggle the switch to "On" besides "Set Time Zone Automatically."

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