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Change Default Web Browser on Windows 11

We have seen many features in the old Windows 10 operating system. And now after the launch of Windows 11, we've started finding out different tips & tricks for Windows 11. In this manner, today we'll know how we can set the default browser on Windows 11. Actually, it takes a few steps to change the default browser on this operating system. So, without wasting any time, let's begin.

How to Change Default Web Browser on Windows 11 PC

Actually, Microsoft has made it very difficult to change the default web browser on Windows 11. Although, Microsoft always promote its Edge browser in their Windows operating system. Whenever you open any HTML link or any link inside a PDF document, Windows automatically open the Edge browser. But some people don't like Microsoft Edge to use on their systems. That's why we are here to easily change the default browser on the new Windows 11 system. So, let's get started.

1. Open the Settings app by pressing the "Windows + i" keys on the keyboard. Or you can open it by clicking Start > Search Settings > Click Settings App.

2. After opening the Settings app, go to "Default apps" under the Apps menu from the left sidebar.

3. Here in the search box under the section "Set default for applications", type the name of the browser you want to make the default browser in Windows 11 (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, etc.). Then click on the name given in the result.

How to make Apps default in Windows 11

4. Now, on the default browser settings, you'll see different file extensions. To make your wanted browser default for every file extension, you need to click each of those file types and set your default browser individually.

5. When you click on the file type, a pop-up will open to ask and confirm your choice's default browser. After that click on OK. Then you'll get a pop-up from Microsoft that if you still want to change the default browser. There, click on "Switch Anyway".

Switch default browsers in Windows 11

After performing every above step, the default browser will be set. Apply steps 4 & 5 for every file extension to change the default browser.

After closing the window, you'll see whenever you click on any link, the window will open on your selected default browser. That's it. Thanks for visiting TechHarry.

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