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Fix GPU works but Fan not Spinning

Remember the day, when you purchased your first ever expensive graphics card for your PC. But after some months, you see that its fans are not working. Sometimes, when beginners try to install their first GPU onto their systems, they find that their graphic card fan(s) is not spinning. They must be very frustrated, and get triggered that there is a big problem.

Most of the time builders make a very little problem which comes with a very simple solution. Here, we'll discuss the main reasons and fixes for not working GPU fans on your systems.

How to fix GPU fans not spinning problem?

If you have tried all of your methods to fix the GPU fan(s) but it is not fixed, then you must try our method. In case one method is not working, do try other methods to fix your GPU fan or fans. So, let's see what method can fix your GPU.

1. Use Another Working Power Supply. Install a new or any working PSU into your motherboard, and recheck your graphics card and its fans are turned on. If it gets turned on, then the main problem is with your power supply unit. If it still doesn't turn on, then probably your motherboard or graphics card is faulty.

2. Install the Graphics card into another working PC.  Installing your graphics card or GPU into another working computer might find who is the real culprit - Motherboard or the graphics card. After installing if your graphics card or its fan(s) starts working, then you can say the real problem is with your motherboard. If it still doesn't turn on, then you should definitely purchase a new graphics card because this graphics card is faulty.

3. Boot Your System After Removing the Graphics Card. This method is actually very useful to find the problem with the GPU fans. If you remove the graphics card, and reboot your system without it, either your system will reboot without any problem or you'll find that your system is not rebooting. If your system reboots successfully without the graphics card, then you can say your motherboard is definitely great. There is no fault in it. After rebooting, it would be great if you run a stress test on the system and see whether any issue message popped up or not. If it doesn't show any issues without a graphics card in it, then it's quite possible either your PCIe connector is faulty or your GPU. (If you have tested the GPU on another PC, and it still not working, then you can eliminate the point that your PCIe connector is faulty).

If you have run all the three above tests and your GPU is still not working, it is probably faulty and should be returned or replaced where you bought it from.

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Most Common Reasons Why Your GPU is not Spinning?

Now you know how to fix your GPU fan(s) within three ways. These steps were: booting your system without GPU inside, finding whether the GPU is faulty or the fault is inside the motherboard, and the third way is to replace the power supply with another working power supply. Now, we'll identify why our GPU fan(s) doesn't spin. There can be many reasons for this. Sometimes we don't care about our GPU and sometimes the fault is somewhere else. So, let's see what makes our GPU fans stop.

1. GPU Fan(s) is Forever Dusty

Don't you clean your system from the inside as well? If not, you may get problems with faulty components of your PC. With dust, GPU fans can find it difficult to spin, and sometimes dust breaks the connection between the ports and the components. You must remove your GPU and clean it perfectly if you want the fans to spin perfectly. To do so, just pull out the graphics card and clean it. You can also use compressed air to remove any dust that has been collected on the fans. After cleaning everything, you should check again or you can also check your GPU before removing it.

2. PCIe Power isn't Connected Well

Another reason for not spinning GPU fans can be the PCIe Power Connector isn't plugged accurately. Sometimes, new PC builders forget to plug some things in. This can be a major reason why your GPU fan(s) is not spinning or you are facing problems with your GPU. So, check your graphics card is perfectly connected to your power supply. In case you have a graphics card that doesn't need to be connected through a PCIe connection from your power supply, then there is something else wrong which leads your GPU fan(s) not working.

3. Maybe GPU Fan's Bearing Needs to be Oiled

If your system is quite old, it might be possible that you haven't replaced your GPU or its fans since then. After a long time of using a graphics card, there is a possibility that its fan(s) no longer spins, and that's why you are here reading this post. To offer more life to them, you can actually re-oil the bearings on the fans. For this, you have to remove your graphics card or GPU from the system (if you haven't) then remove the fan(s), peel off the sticker on the back, apply 3-4 drops of household oil, or any lightweight machine oil.

If the machine oil makes the fans spin again, that's great. If it still doesn't spin after doing everything, then days of that GPU has finished and you should purchase another one.

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