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Best Note Taking Apps for iPads and iPad Pro

iPads are widely popular for watching videos, and movies, and mostly for note-taking. Most U.S. students use iPads for taking notes in their classes. The in-built app for iPad is also quite great. But sometimes students want something different. That's why we are here to provide you the best alternatives for taking notes on the iPads. So, let's get started.

Best Notetaking Apps on iPads

1. Notability

Notability is, I think, the best professional notetaking app for iPads. It provides an exquisite writing experience, and you can also embed images, annotate PDFs, and even record memos on the Notability iOS app. It provides different layouts and templates. On this app, drawing and sketching illustrations are quite easy. You don't need much experience to draw or write your notes because it offers different modes of pens, sketches, and brushes. The slides given here are very handy. You can open your notes on one side, and on the other side, you can open different pen shades. In addition, Notability gives you different options to share your notes or export your documents using Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Price: $8.99

2. Evernote

Evernote is the all-in-one notetaking app for both Android devices and iOS devices including iPad Pro. It works great with both mobile platforms. It is a great app for collecting images, text notes, recorded messages, and clippings of web pages. Notes made on Evernote can be accessed through iPad Pro, Android, or a PC using a web browser interface for ease of work. The handiest feature of Evernote is that you can easily search for any notes. Although, it is a free app but comes with in-app purchases. Users are restricted to syncing only two devices, and uploads are limited to just 60MB per month. If you purchase a premium version, you get an increased 10GB upload capacity per month as well as live chat support, and offline access to your notes

Price: Free with in-app purchases

3. Good Notes

GoodNotes is an easy-to-use, multi-functional note-taking app for iPads. Although, the developers' team regularly updates the application and now this app is called GoodNotes 5. You get everything from handwriting to keyboard typing in this iPad app. Additionally, you can choose from many built-in layouts and templates. You can also import any template of your own. Plus, GoodNotes 5 features a "Presentation Mode" that lets you turn your iPad into a digital whiteboard. With this feature, you can show other students or team members what you are writing or typing on a larger screen using either an HDMI cable or AirPlay.

Price: $7.99

4. Nebo

Nebo is an advanced notetaking app for iPads. It comes with lots of different & useful features. If you have any difficult tasks to do, Nebo can help you handle all those complex tasks with ease. It comes with a fast user interface, different pens & pen colors, flow charts, and formulas that let you integrate with other external documents. Nebo is such an advanced iOS notes app that after you complete it, you can export your documents in different file formats including Word, PDF, and HTML. Nebo is available for free but includes in-app purchases. This iPad note-taking app is compatible with every device such as iOS device, Android, or Microsoft devices.

Price: Free, in-app purchase

5. Whink

Whink is another great option for the iPad app for notetaking. If you love to use Notability or GoodNotes apps then you will also love the Whink iOS app. As described, it is a very simple-to-use app to take notes on the go.  It lets you draw anything while making notes. You can easily create sketches, add photos, add recording audio while making notes, draw geometric shapes, etc. Whink also helps you to organize every note or document you create. One thing in this app that makes me disappointed is that it doesn't offer any cloud storage option for saving our notes on the cloud. Otherwise, for offline work, this app is great.

Price: $4.99

6. Notepad+

If you want to become paperless, then you can also consider having a Notepad+ app. This iPad notetaking app is simple to use and includes a variety of pen and pencil options with different pen color options. It is a digital notes app that you can use for sketching as well as adding images. On Notepad+ you can create different graphs, illustrations, and drawings, and obviously, take notes on your iPad. Notepad+ offers different pen colors and fonts, and also supports handwriting. Notepad+ is available in 12 different languages.

Price: Free, Paid

7. Penultimate

Penultimate was developed by the developers of Evernote to provide simplicity to taking notes anytime. Unlike Evernote, it doesn't have a complex user interface. But this app is quite easy to use for iPad users. It has a variety of features including a variety of layouts and the ability to search your handwritten notes with optical character recognition. While this application is made in collaboration with Evernote. So, if you have used Evernote before, it has a feature by which you can actually sync your Evernote notes into the Penultimate app. You just have to sign in with your Evernote account, and all your notes will be synced in automatically.

Price: Free

So, these were my best notetaking apps for iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and any new & old iPads. If you liked this article, give us a like and share it with your friends. Thanks for visiting 😊.