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Create QR Codes directly from Google Chrome using PC and Smartphnoes

Have you ever visited a website that you found very interesting and want to save an easy link or QR code of it? You might find it very difficult to do. But this process is as simple as speaking how you can do it. Making QR codes for every important and useful website is actually a very useful idea. You can share it with everyone anytime and that QR code will be saved in a JPG format.

Now the question is, do you need an external QR code generator app to do so? The answer is clearly NO. You can generate QR codes directly from your Google Chrome browser. You heard it right. Google Chrome lets you share any web page you want with your friends. So, here we will discuss how you can generate or create web pages' QR codes directly from Google Chrome.

How to Create QR Codes Directly from Google Chrome on PC

Creating QR Codes on PC is far easier than creating QR codes on smartphones. It takes only a few steps to create and save QR codes in a JPG file format or image format. So, let's see the simplest steps we can take to generate QR codes from PC.

1. Open Google Chrome browser on your PC.

2. Go to the web page you want to make a QR code of.

3. Now you'll see a share button on top of the web page aside from the bookmark 'star' icon.

Click the share button on google chrome browser on PC

4. Click on that share button and you'll see different options to choose from, like Copy Link, Send to your devices, QR Code, Cast, etc.

Click on QR code

5. Simply Click on the QR Code button and then you'll see a QR code with the web page link underneath. You'll also get a download button to save the QR code. When you click on the download button, the QR code will be saved in JPEG format on your PC. You can share that JPEG file with anyone.

Click the Download button to save QR code

This is how you can create a QR code, download it in JPEG file format, and then share it with anyone.

How to Create QR Code Directly from Google Chrome using Smartphone

In this way, QR codes can also be generated through the Google Chrome browser on smartphones. If you want to give your smartphone a try to create a QR code of a web page, follow the below steps to do so.

1. As mentioned before, open your Google Chrome browser on your smartphone.

2. Visit the web page you want to create a QR code of.

3. Now tap on the three dots menu on the top right corner.

4. Now, click on the Share option below the Recent Tabs.

5. Swipe left from the menu at the bottom.

6. Click on QR Code.

7. There, you'll be able to see a QR Code of the web page. Tap on the Download button to save the QR code on your smartphone.


I think you'd have found it quite easy to generate the QR code of a web page. In this way, you can create a QR code of your office address on Google Maps, share your Facebook ID, share your Instagram ID, or send your friends web notes using QR codes, etc.

So, that's it for this article. If you have any questions regarding this article, you can ask us in the comment sections. Don't forget to like and share this article with others. Thanks for visiting. 💗

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