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If you are a gamer? If yes, you must have heard about Steam. We all have, sometimes, install at least one game through Steam and we love doing it again and again. If you don't know about Steam, I have given you all the necessary information at the end of this article about Steam. So, don't worry.

Here, in this article, we'll share some lovely & easy steps to install and run Steam on your latest Windows 11 operating system. If you haven't installed Windows 11 yet, you can check out this article on how you can download Windows 11 safely without any error.

How to Download, Install and Run Steam on Windows 11 PC

To run, Steam and play games through it, first, you need to download Steam on your Windows 11 PC. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below one by one.

How to Download Steam on the PC

1. First, open your browser and search for Steam on Google.

2. Now, click the first link under "Welcome to Steam" and you will be directed to the official Steam website.

3. Here, you will find a button called "Install Steam" at the top of the page. Click on that button and you will go to the Steam download page.

Click Install on Steam Official Website

4. As you know, Steam is a free-to-install gaming service. So, just click on the "Install Steam" button and it will be downloaded as a .exe file. After downloading, the setup will be there in your download folder.

Click Install Steam

How to Install Steam on your Windows 11 PC

1. Simply, click on that .exe file that we have downloaded earlier.

2. Here, you will see lots of different pop-up menus.

3. First, click on "Next" under Welcome to Steam Setup.

Welcome to Steam setup

4. Then, choose your language and click "Next".

Choose Steam preferred language

5. Now, you'll be asked to choose the Steam installing location. A default location will be already selected. Otherwise, choose your location and click "Install".

Choose Steam installation location

6. After clicking on Install, the installation will be started. When it's done, you'll see an option called "Run Steam" and if you want to run the Steam application, select that option and click "Finish".

Complete Steam Setup

Now, Steam has been downloaded and installed successfully on your Windows 11 PC. Easy, Right? Yes, these were very easy steps to install Steam on your Windows 11 PC. If you still have issues, you can comment below and I'll definitely resolve your issue as soon as possible.

How to Open Steam on Windows 11

To open Steam on your Windows 11 PC, follow the below steps correctly.

1. Click the Start button and type "Steam" and click the Steam icon that appears under the Apps menu.

2. Now, Steam will take some time to update the latest version of Steam. After the updating process, you'll see a login page for Steam.

If you don't have a Steam account, you can easily create your Steam account by clicking on the "Create New Account" button. Otherwise, if you already have a Steam account, you can click on the "Login to an Existing Account" button.

3. If you have login successfully with your Steam account, you'll see different verifications and security options. Just enter your computer authorization key and click "Next" and then click on "Finish".

Now you have entered into the official Steam application with a proper authenticated login account.

How to Download Free Games from Steam on Windows 11 PC

I hope you have successfully entered the Steam application. Now, here we find different menus like Store, Library, Community. In the Store section, we can find and download amazing PC games. The library is the place where already downloaded games are listed. As we are here to download a few games into our PC, so follow the below steps to download your favorite Steam games on your Windows 11 PC.

1. After opening the Steam application, click on "Store" at the top left corner beside the arrows.

2. In-store menu, you'll see different menus like Recommended, Browse Categories, New Releases, Browse by Genre, Free to Play, Early Access, etc.

3. If you want to download free games, just click on the "Free to Play" section. Here you'll find all the games which are available to play for free.

4. To download a game, just find and select the game you want to download and click on it.

5. After clicking on your choice's game, a new window will open. There you'll simply find an Install button. Just click on the "Install" button.

6. Then you'll get a confirmation window including the location of the game, memory required, space available info, create a desktop shortcut, create start menu shortcut, etc. Just click on "Next" and accept the license agreement and it will automatically be downloaded into your computer.

So, this is how you can easily install and run Steam on Windows 11. So, that's it for this article. See you another time with another great post. Thanks.

What is Steam?

Steam is an online gaming platform that shares lots of amazing games on its service. In fact, it lets people download and install games through their digital gaming platform.

Is Steam Free?

Steam is a fast & free gaming platform to download and install lots of amazing games on your PC.

Are Steam Games Free or Paid?

Steam provides all types of games to install on your PC. It offers paid games as well as free games to install. So, if you don't want to spend your money on games, you can also download & install free games from Steam.

Most popular games on Steam

Steam offers a wide range of paid & free games. The most popular games which are available on Steam are Dota 2, Counter-Strike, GTA V, Destiny 2, PUBG PC, Halo Infinite (2021), Apex Legends, CyberPunk 2077, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six SiegeThe Witcher 3: Wild HuntRed Dead Redemption 2Battlefield 2042Among UsForza Horizon 5, and many more.

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