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Install Oracle VM Virtual Box in Windows 11

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I know if you have visited here, there will be a problem that you are trying to solve. If you have a powerful PC but a quiet budget, you probably want to install another Windows OS or Linux-based OS. So, If you want to install another guest operating system while having the latest Windows 11 PC, you may see every single word of this post.

How to Install VM Virtual Box in Windows 11 without getting in any trouble?

To install more than one operating system on your Windows 11 PC, you'll need a very useful and powerful tool which is called VM Virtual Box. It helps us separate disk spaces without any issue so that we can install another OS while having a previous Operating system.

Consider, we are going to install Linux on our system where Windows 11 is already installed. So, we need the virtual box. Follow the below-given steps to install Virtual Box on your Windows 11 PC.

Download VM Virtual Box in Windows 11

1. First, open your browser on Windows 11.

2. Search for "Virtual Box" on the search bar.

3. Click on the first web page under the Title "Oracle VM Virtual Box".

Search Virtual Box on your web browser and click on the first link from Oracle VM Virtual Box

4. Oracle Virtual Box's official site will be opened. There you'll see a big blue "Download Virtual Box 6.1" button. Simply click on that button. A new page will open. Here we have our download options.

Click on the big blue Download button

5. As we are downloading on our Windows 11 PC, we have to select the Windows Host under the "VirtualBox 6.1.30 platform packages" section.

Click on Windows Host

6. Now a .exe file will start downloading that is around 103MB.

Install VM Virtual Box .exe File in Windows 11

If you have completed every above step, you would have downloaded the correct file from the web. Now is the time to install that file on your Windows 11. So, let's get started.

1. After the download is completed, open that downloaded .exe file.

2. Here we have the setup wizard. The first option will be "Welcome to the Oracle VM Virtual Box 6.1.3 Setup Wizard. Just click on Next to continue the setup.

Click Next on Setup Wizard

3. Now we get our custom Virtual Box setup. If you want to customize the virtual box setup, you can customize it from that option. For now, we will remain set at default.

Again click Next

4. Under these menus, we can see our installation location where the setup location is already set. You can also change that location. After setting up the location, simply click on Next.

5. Then we have optional options such as Create Desktop Menu, Shortcut, Start Menu, etc. You can select all these options and click on Next.

Check if you want to create a desktop, start menu shortcut on Windows 11 and click Next

6. Now you'll find a Network Interface warning. You can read it or ignore it because this will not damage your Windows 11 system. Just click on Next and now here we have the option to install the virtual box.

Simply click Next on Warning: Network Interface

7. Finally, click on Install and wait for the installation to be completed. While installing the virtual box, you may also get the option to install the device software. Here, simply allow the option and click on Install.

Tick the option to install necessary device programs

8. Now, you'll see that our process has been successfully completed. You'll find an option to run the Virtual Box. Otherwise, just uncheck the option and click on Finish.

Finally click on Finish

9. If you have selected the options mentioned in step 5, you'll see a desktop icon of the Virtual Box application. You can also find the Virtual Box application on the Start Menu. Just click on Start and search for "Virtual Box" and you'll see the icon of the Virtual Box application.

If you click on the Oracle VM Virtual Box icon, you'll see the user interface (UI) of the Virtual Box. So, that's it. That's how you can install Oracle VM Virtual Box on Windows 11 and with this, you can install multiple operating systems on a single host.

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