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Add fingerprint lock screen in Windows 11

The fingerprint recognition system is one of the most trusted sign-in options in Windows PC. If you have just upgraded to Windows 11, you'll be happy to know that Windows 11 offers its users to sign in using fingerprint recognition.

This TechHarry article will guide you today to add fingerprint recognition in Windows 11 PC. If you are our regular visitor, you must know that we have covered lots of Windows 11 tips & tricks including customizing lock screen, enabling/disabling touchscreen, changing time-zone, changing default web browser, etc. So, you already know that we are the expert on Windows 11 PC and you can trust us blindfolded.

How to Add Fingerprint Recognition in Windows 11 PC

As you know, Windows 11 is more like Windows 10 but with a customized user interface. So, whatever you were able to do on the previous Windows OS, you can do it here. But you must know, fingerprint recognition can only be useful for those laptops that support fingerprint readers on them. If your laptop doesn't have a fingerprint reader, you can check out another sign-in method which is given below other than fingerprint recognition. So, without wasting any time, let's get started.

1. Press the "Windows+i" key to go to Settings.

2. Click on Accounts on the left side panel.

3. Now click on Sign in options on the right sidebar.

4. Then Select Fingerprint Recognition.

5. Here, click on Add a finger.

6. Fill in Your Windows Hello PIN.

7. Lastly, touch your finger on the fingerprint sensor until windows get a full reading.

In Detail Steps

1. Go to Settings by:

(i) Pressing "Windows + i" keys on your keyboard.

(ii) Go to the taskbar, click on the search bar and search for Settings app and click Enter.

2. Now, look for Accounts on the left panel of the Settings window and click on it.

3. Then, select Sign-in Options under Email & Accounts in the next window.

4. Next window will be opened. Here, under the Sign-in Options menu bar, expand the Tap Fingerprint Recognition option from Windows Hello.

5. Under the Fingerprint Recognition menu, choose to Add a Finger option next to Set up another finger.

6. Now, fill in your Windows Hello PIN to go to the next step.

7. Now, you'll be asked to swipe your finger which you want to add to the fingerprint sensor. Swipe that finger until Windows 11 get a full reading of your fingerprint.

8. In the end, you will get a "successfully added fingerprint" message. You will see an option there which is called "Add another finger". To add another fingerprint, just click on the option and swipe your finger until it gets a full reading of your fingerprint.

Using these steps, you can add as many fingerprints as you can to your Windows 11 Laptop.

How to Add Facial Recognition Sign-in Method in Windows 11

As we have told earlier, Windows 11 comes with many different sign-in methods including Fingerprint recognition, Facial Recognition, etc. So, here you will see another sign-in method for Windows 11 known as Facial Recognition. If you don't know about the facial recognition sign-in method, this is also another great method for signing-in Windows 11 PC or laptop. But like fingerprint sensor, it needs another PC component called WebCam so that you can set your face as your system's sign-in method. So, follow these steps to set up facial recognition in your Windows 11 PC/Laptop.

1. Press the "Windows+i" key to go to Settings.

2. Now, go to Accounts on the left sidebar.

3. Go to Sign-in Options here.

4. Now, click on the Facial Recognition button under Sign-in options and tap Set up.

5. When Windows Hello Setup Windows will be opened, click on the "Get Started" option on the below-left corner of the window.

6. Now, you have to look at the Webcam. It will then scan your face for recognition and storing facial data.

7. Next, Windows Hello will ask you for your Windows PIN. But if you haven't set one, you need to set up a PIN.

8. Now, you'll have the option to Access the webcam once again in case you want to improve recognition. But remember, this step is just optional. This step is only required for recognizing your face both with or without glasses.

9. In the end, click on the Close button.

So, that's it for this article. I hope you have set fingerprint, or facial recognition successfully. If you have any queries regarding this, you can contact us on Facebook or Instagram.