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Best cloud storage crypto projects for web 3

On TechHarry, we have covered the best metaverse crypto coins, the 50 best cryptocurrencies on Binance, etc. But here in this post, we'll see the foundation of all these crypto projects which is storage. Every project needs storage space to store their project's data on it.

With the combination of blockchain and cloud storage, organizations are now capable of storing huge amounts of data, transactions, and everything. For this storage purpose, more and more crypto projects are coming into the crypto market. But as you know, every crypto project can be useful. There are some projects that are highly useful and backed by great organizations. That's why we are here to discuss not every decentralized cloud storage crypto project but those crypto projects that have high utility and are backed by big investors of the crypto market. Also, these crypto projects have a huge following and are popular for their utility.

Best Decentralized Cloud Storage Crypto Projects

Decentralized Cloud Storage Cryptocurrencies are the future of crypto which are also considered as Web 3.0 coins. But we have covered the most popular Web 3 coins here

1. Filecoin

Filecoin Price

Filecoin is a decentralized storage system that aims to "store humanity's most important information". It is an open protocol and backed by a blockchain that records contracts made by the network's participants, with transactions made using a Filecoin utility token called FIL. The blockchain is based on both proof-of-replication and proof-of-spacetime.

Currently, one FIL token is around $37.24 at a 24-hour trading volume of $305 million USD with a circulating supply of 144.3 million FIL tokens.

2. Siacoin

Siacoin Price

Siacoin is the utility token of Sia which is a blockchain-based distributed. decentralized cloud storage platform. It acts as a secure, trustless marketplace for cloud storage where users can lease access to their unused storage space. All the agreements and transactions are executed with smart contracts where Siacoin is used to pay for storage on the network. The main purpose of this project is to become the "backbone storage layer of the internet".

Currently, Siacoin costs around $0.016 with a trading volume of $30million USD. Siacoin has a circulating supply of 49.7billion SC tokens.

3. Arweave

Arweave price

Arweave is a decentralized storage network that offers a platform for the storage of data. Describing itself as "a collectively owned hard drive that never forgets", the network primarily hosts "the permaweb" which is a permanent, decentralized web with applications and platforms that are driven by the community. The Arweave network uses a native cryptocurrency called AR to pay the "miners" to indefinitely store the network's information.

AR has a circulating supply of 33.3million AR coins out of the total supply of 63million AR coins. Currently, the cost of one AR coin is around $58.99 at a 24-hour trading volume of $37.8million USD.

4. Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol price

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol that unlocks data for AI. It uses advanced blockchain technology that allows data exchange and monetizes it safely & securely.

OCEAN token is the native crypto token of Ocean Protocol. It has a circulating supply of 613million OCEAN tokens. Currently, it is trading at $0.89 at a 24-hour trading volume of $33.1million USD.

5. Storj

Storj price

Storj is an Ethereum-powered token that is used as a decentralized storage network for developers. It is also known as Storj DCS (Decentralized Cloud Storage). Whenever a user uploads a file to Storj DCS, the file is being broken into different pieces and distributed to a global network of independent nodes. When someone requests the file, it is again recompiled securely and made available to download. It clearly means that anyone can store files on Storj DCS without waiting for approval from the centralized data center. Developers are even allowed to purchase cloud storage services with STORJ tokens. Contributors of the network earn STORJ tokens in return for providing unused hard drive space and bandwidth to the network.

It has a circulating supply of 613million STORJ tokens. Currently, one STORJ token costs around $0.8908 with a 24-hour trading volume of $32.8million USD.

6. Bittorrent

Bittorrent price

BitTorrent is a popular P2P file sharing and torrent platform that has become very much decentralized in recent years. According to its official literature, BitTorrent is currently the “largest decentralized P2P communications protocol” in the world.

BitTorrent has its own native cryptocurrency called BTT which has a circulating supply of 990 billion BTT tokens. Currently, BTT is trading at around $0.0028 with a 24-hour trading volume of $350.7million USD.

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