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Buy cryptocurrencies in the dip

Most passionate crypto traders and investors are afraid of dumps in the crypto market. But for the experienced, and professional traders, it's a gem that they will never miss. Whenever a huge dump comes, pro traders accumulate more fundamentally strong cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, Arweave, VeChain, etc. But beginners try to accumulate more shitcoins or meme coins in their portfolio.

This TechHarry article will educate you on the best practices for accumulating fundamentally strong crypto projects that have the capacity to change the world.

This new year, a new trend will come for sure. This new trend is Web 3.0. Web 3.0 generally supports a decentralized world. It will come to make the internet decentralized so that our data could be secure and we don't need anyone's permission directly or indirectly to do simple tasks and access any information. When Web 3 will start exploding everyone will come near to this new world of technology. So, in this manner, we should be accumulating those major cryptocurrencies that will be a big part of Web 3.0.

How to Accumulate More & More Web 3.0 Cryptocurrencies During the Dump for Better Future

You know when Bitcoin arrives in 2009, nobody cared about it. But during the rise of this cryptocurrency, now everybody thinks that we should have at least one Bitcoin in our wallets. Now they can't do anything with Bitcoin as its price sky-rocketed in these years. As they say, if you invest in those which, you think, can change the world, you can never be poor again. That's why you have to invest earlier in those which haven't yet grown, but surely in the future, you will see huge returns on it in the future. And Web 3 cryptocurrencies are those types of crypto. If you haven't explored our list of the best Web 3 Cryptocurrencies, you can check it here. Save some money, invest that money in the cryptocurrencies during the dumps, and wait until it reaches its potential. So, the question is how can you accumulate Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies during the dumps. So, let's get started.

1. Study Crypto Charts

Studying crypto charts is the most important thing in the crypto market. There are many important points that are needed before investing in a particular crypto coin. Study market cap., total supply, 24-hours trading volume, crypto's whitepaper, crypto's supportive team, website, etc. For studying this, in my opinion, CoinMarketCap is the best option. Coingecko website is also a great website to start researching before investing.

2. Set Your Limit Buy Orders

You must have seen big dips happen in the night when we sleep. At that moment, you probably have some fiat currencies on your Binance or other crypto exchange. But you miss that dip and can't buy it. Then you realize you need something which will buy you the crypto during the dip. And here comes the limit order. Set your limit orders before the dip so that it can hit your order during your sleep. Set your limit buy orders at the nearest support level and sleep relaxed. Limit orders are very important for traders to buy cryptocurrencies, and even stocks at a very affordable price. Almost every big cryptocurrency exchange has a limit buy/sell order option available. Use limit buy orders to invest wisely. Every major pro-crypto-trader uses limit orders to buy cryptocurrencies so that they couldn't miss any dip.

3. Wait for the Dip

This is also a very important point which is Wait For The Dip. This simply means no one should invest in any cryptocurrency which is already pumped at 5%, 10%, or more. Always buy the dip. Invest in fundamentally great crypto projects which are at least 4-5 percent low in 24-hours time and it would be great if you see that cryptocurrency in the dip also in the 7-days time. By this, you will minimize the chance of loss in any cryptocurrencies. If you mistakenly bought a crypto coin at a very high price, DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) method is the best for minimizing the loss. But remember, DCA will be beneficial for only fundamentally good crypto projects. This method can give you losses if you have invested way more money on shitcoins or meme coins.

4. Diversify Your Portfolio

Dumps in the crypto market come often. Dumps come to liquidate small & low-educated investors who don't know much about the cryptocurrency market. So, for saving yourself from these dumps, you need to diversify your portfolio. By this means, you can create a strong crypto portfolio that would ultimately give your bag full of profits. To diversify your crypto portfolio follow the below steps:

1. Invest 40% of your portfolio in bitcoin

2. Invest 15% of your portfolio in Ethereum

3. Invest 5% (add 2 projects with 2.5% each) of your portfolio in NFTs or Metaverse Projects 

4. Put 20% of your portfolio in DeFi coins (e.g. AVAX, LUNA, FTM, LINK, etc.)

5. Invest 20% of your portfolio in Major Altcoins (top 20 coins as per the market cap. excluding meme coins or shit coins; invest 4% in every 4 major altcoins)


I hope that you will take care of these above steps before investing your money in cryptocurrency anytime. You need to wait for the dip. Most importantly, do your own research, and then place your limit buy orders so that whenever the price hits your price order, your crypto could be bought without wasting any time.