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Stream Netflix on Discord Without Black Screen Issue

Discord has been a very popular platform for streaming games, chatting with fans & other players, and any type of online communication. But most of the time people come to discord for watching their favorite gamers' gameplay and chatting with them. If you also use discord, comment down your discord. As you know, Discord offers its gamers to stream their gameplay without any use of third-party software or application. Discord has a lot of discord servers, channels to connect or chat with the audience, direct message option, video calls, streaming, developer tools, discord bots, connect with strangers and make new friends, Discord Nitro, and many more.

Stream Netflix on Discord

Before you ask, how to live stream Netflix shows and movies on Discord using Mobile phones including Android or iOS, the simple answer is No, you can't because of DRM limitations. However, it is very easy to share your screen on discord mobile. As well as if you're not looking for any Netflix stream, you can also share Spotify listening parties to discord. But if you are here for Netflix streaming on Discord, you are at the right place. So, without wasting any more time, let's get started.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord

Before starting our steps to stream Netflix on Discord you will need:

  • A Netflix Account.
  • The Discord app should be installed or opened in a web browser like Chrome.
  • Join a server that you have admin access to on Discord or you can create your own.

When you have all the three points completed, you can start your streaming as per the below-given steps for watching movies & TV with friends on Netflix using Discord.

1. Open the Discord app or open it on the web browser.

2. Select the Server or make your own server on it.

3. Click the Settings button at the bottom of the left column.

4. Go to Activity Status.

5. Make sure the switch is turned on. Otherwise, you'll need to turn it on.

6. Click Add and add Google Chrome or whichever browser you want to stream Netflix on.

7. Return to the Discord server.

8. Select a Voice-Enabled channel like the General Channel.

9. Click the Screen button.

10. Select the Chrome tab that Netflix is streaming in.

11. Start streaming and everyone in the General Channel will be able to watch with you.

In Detail Steps

Now you'll understand every step clearly. So, let's begin.

1. Download Discord App

If you don't want to have any trouble while streaming Netflix with your friends, it would be great if you use the Discord app on your PC. So, first, download Discord from their official website.

2. Open Netflix and Set Up Discord

  • (i) Open Netflix and keep your movie or web series ready to watch. Then minimize the tab and open the Discord app.
  • (ii) Here, on the Discord app, click on the Settings icon next to your username in the bottom left corner.
  • (iii) From this Settings page, go to the Activity Status from the left sidebar and click on the Add it! button besides Not seeing your game?.
  • (iv) You'll see the running background apps on the screen. Choose your browser where you've opened your Netflix and click on the Add Game button.
go to activity status on Discord then choose Netflix and click add game button below
  • (v) Now go to the server you'd like to stream your movie or TV show on or make a new discord server and click on the Stream button placed above your username. You'll see a small PC-like button above your username, that's the Stream button.
  • (vi) Now it's time to choose your voice channel where you'd like to show your movie and set the video resolutionIf you don’t have Discord Nitro, the maximum resolution you can stream is 720p at 30fps. To stream Netflix at 1080p/ 60fps, you will require a Discord Nitro subscription.
Set voice channel and video resolution and click on Go Live button below
  • (vii) Once you have all set the voice channel and the video resolution, you can click on the Go Live button to start the live stream.
  • (viii) Now your friends can select the Live tag in the voice channel and choose your Netflix Chill Party on Discord. When you're done, you can simply click on the End Call button from the left sidebar.

How to Fix Netflix Black Screen While Streaming Netflix on Discord

It is one of the most common problems while streaming Netflix on the Discord server. So, if you wanna get rid of this black screen problem while streaming on Discord or you are searching for the answer for "How to stream Netflix on Discord Without Black Screen?", well that's why TechHarry's here.

So, to get rid of the black screen while Netflix streaming on Discord, you must disable hardware acceleration in your browser. Here you'll see the solution for fixing the black screen while streaming on the Google Chrome browser. But if you are using any other web browser except Google Chrome, you just need to look at hardware acceleration in your browser's settings and turn it off.

Simple Steps to Disable Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome Browser

1. Open Chrome -> click on the three dots menu at the top right corner and choose Settings.

2. Go to System from the left sidebar under the Advanced section, and disable the toggle button that reads Use hardware acceleration when available.

Switch the toggle to disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome

3. Restart Google Chrome after disabling the toggle.

After applying these above steps you'll not see any black screen issue while streaming Netflix on Discord.


Q. Is it illegal to stream Netflix on Discord?

The Answer is YES. It is illegal to stream Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu, etc. shows on Discord. In fact, Netflix’s Terms of Use mention that as well. We don't encourage anybody to stream Netflix on Discord but it's good to know that you can do it somehow.

Q. Why is it showing black while streaming Netflix on the Discord?

It is one of the most commonly faced issues of getting a black screen while streaming Netflix on Discord. You can easily fix the black Netflix screen by disabling hardware acceleration on your web browser.

Q. Can I stream Netflix on Discord from mobile?

No, you can’t stream Netflix on Discord from mobile due to DRM limitations.