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Make the Taskbar Transparent in Windows 11

Windows 11 comes with lots of amazing features after the launch. It surely gets more customizable features under the hood. One thing we can definitely do on our Windows 11 PC is that we can actually make our taskbar transparent. I don't remember if Window 10 got this feature or not. But after researching on Google and Youtube, Windows 10 had this transparent taskbar customization in it. (LOL, my mistake 😁). Besides all the jokes and let's focus on making the taskbar transparent in our new Windows 11 PC.

In this latest TechHarry post, we'll guide you through the best ways to make Windows 11 taskbar transparent. So, let's get started.

How to Make the Taskbar Transparent in Windows 11

Windows 11 has every feature that was available in the Windows 10 operating system. But today, this article is all about how you can make 100% transparent the taskbar in Windows 11. Users can actually use two of the easiest ways to make the taskbar transparent (Some users also use external applications to do such a simple task). Let's see those ways:

1. Using the Setting app

2. Through Registry Editor

How to Make the Windows 11 Taskbar Transparent using the Settings app?

1. Open the Settings app by pressing the "Windows + i" keys on your keyboard or right-click on the Start button then click on Settings.

2. Here in the Settings, click on Accessibility from the left sidebar.

3. Now click on the Visual effects tab on the right-side of it.

Open Settings then Accessibility on Windows 11

4. In Visual effects settings, you'll find a switch to turn on/off the Transparency effects so that you can enable or disable Transparency on your Windows 11 PC.

toggle the switch to turn on or off transparency effects in Windows 11

Everything you'll do will be applied immediately and you'll see the results immediately. It means when you turn on/off the switch, the transparency effect will reflect all over your PC in an instant. And you won't need to check the transparency settings again.

How to Make the Windows 11 Taskbar Transparent using Windows Registry?

Using Windows Registry tweak, you can manipulate the transparency level of the Windows 10/11 Taskbar. Perform the following steps to do so:-

1. Open Registry Editor.

2. In the Registry Editor, go to the following registry key from the left-side pane:


go to the following registry key in the registry folder

3. In the right-side pane of the Advanced folder, right-click on the free place and choose New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value.

make new folder in the advanced folder

4. Rename this newly created entry as UseOLEDTaskbarTransparency.

Rename the new folder as UseOLEDTaskbarTransparency

5. Double-click on UseOLEDTaskbarTransparency to modify its settings. Change the "Value Data" from "0" to "1".

change value data from 0 to 1

6. Click OK.

After completing the above steps, the transparency level of the Windows 11 Taskbar will increase.

So, this is how you can make the taskbar transparent using the Settings application as well as by using the Registry Editor. If you found these steps easy to follow, then like this article below and share it with your friends.