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Best Horror Android Games for 2022 | Thrill & Scary Games | TechHarry

Everybody loves horror movies. But if a gamer who loves horror movies gets a horror game along with it, that would be spectacular. Horror is a type of genre for mobile gaming that everyone is afraid but can't live without playing it. However, most of this type of games have got renewed or updated, that has changed the way of playing horror games in the last few years. The updation is so better that now everybody wants to play every new horror game. Eyes: The Horror Game was the first ever horror android game that was launched on the Google Play Store. In the respect of this game, horror gaming industry has developed a huge number of other games in this genre. Some are average and some are extremely awesome.

So, here we'll discuss about the best horror android games you can play and get scared. But in the end, you'll have the fun you're looking for. So, let's get started.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

This horror android game is inspired from your childhood animation character Mickey Mouse. Bendy and the Ink Machine has its own studio which previously created a character called Bendy. The game story starts from a deserted building where you arrive and explore as quietly as you can because ink demon is on loose, looking everywhere to make sure no one get out alive from the building.

Fran Bow

Fran Bow is a spooky and adventure game where you play as a small child. The story starts from where you recently released from an asylum after your parents were killed. From that little child's eyes, you will need to explore the world and look for a way to cope with everything that is happening all on your own. Fran Bow is that type of game in which as deep you go into its story it gets more interesting and gets better.


Sanitarium is a horror game filled with intense puzzles which is a story of a young girl who lost her memory and ended up in an asylum after a massive car accident. Don't get too scared because you'll definitely find the Sanitarium quite creepy. This game has intense puzzles, complex and detailed story that describes between madness and reality. That's why Sanitarium stands in between the best horror games for android phones. Although, Sanitarium is a paid horror game but its creepy voices and extreme puzzles makes you forget every penny you spent.


Oxenfree is an interesting haunting game that offers you a couple of friends that have opened a portal to the afterlife realm. The game shows your group and you an act of your and your friends' past life where you all have to deal with your own haunting past life. The concept of this game is quite interesting where you explore Edwards island with your stepbrother and school friends in order to move back the monsters back to their world. Oxenfree is a paid horror & thriller game but worth the money.

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park is a horror-thriller game where a person found dead in a small town of 80 people. It is one of those games that has the ability to keep you up all night and you won't like to miss any part of it. The story is so well connected and well written that you explore the story where someone is going to get murdered. Isn't it interesting? It has five playable characters that can also work together or get into each other's nerves. It also offers in-built hint system. Thimbleweed Park is a paid horror game with only english voice but available with English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish subtitles.

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