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How to make a discord server in Windows or Mac

Discord is growing day by day. But what is Discord? Discord is an online communication website where people talk with each other. In fact, it is a major platform for building communities. In the beginning, Discord was used as a platform to stream games like COD, GTA, etc. But now, it's more than a streaming platform. I'm not saying that you can't stream on Discord, you can do more instead.

Discord allows people to make servers or we can say channels, and people can join these servers with the invite link. One user can create multiple servers on the discord. Even, we have made a very interesting article on discord for how you can stream Netflix movies and series on Discord. Although, it is illegal to stream online any movies or web series of Netflix, Disney+ Hotstart, Hulu, etc. But getting to know that it is possible is a way different thing.

How to Make a Discord Server [Simple Steps]

Discord allows users to create various servers or channels, and then invite users to chat or watch the gameplay of their favorite gamers. But how to make a discord server before doing anything like this? The question seems to be very difficult, but the answer is quite simple and it takes only a few steps to do so. So, without wasting any time, let's get started.

1. Open the Discord app or open the Discord website on your web browser.

2. Now, sign in with your account.

3. Click the plus (+) button on the left sidebar.

4. In the next window, click Create my own.

5. Here, you'll be asked what type of server you want to create: for friends/family, or for a community. You can also skip this step and a private server will be created where users can join with the invite-only link.

6. Now, give the Discord server a name, and then upload a picture for your server if you want to.

7. Now click Create.

8. Like this, the server will be created.

You can easily invite your friends or family members to your discord server. But first, you should check the server's general settings. Here's how to do it.

1. In the left sidebar, right-click the server icon that you just created.

2. From the menu, select Server Settings.

3. Explore the settings, and pay close attention to Roles, Moderation, and Community.

How to Invite Friends on Your Discord Server

Now, we know how to make a discord server. But the final step is to invite your friends or family members directly to your discord server. So, let's see the simple steps for inviting friends to your discord server.

1. Right-click on the discord server you created.

2. Now select Invite people.

3. Now copy the link and send it through any means to anyone you want to invite.

4. You can alternatively invite your friends by searching your friend's discord username in the search bar and sending an invite to them.

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