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Monitor Internet Data Usage of Different Apps in Windows 11

Most people, nowadays, use WiFi connectivity to use the internet. Some also limit their data usage on their PC. But in case, one morning, the system update refreshes all their internet usage in a matter of seconds. What can they do in this case? Don't worry if you have installed the latest Windows 11 PC. It has come with an in-built feature to track internet data usage on different apps. So, here in this TechHarry article, you'll learn how you can track internet data usage on your Windows 11 system.

Track Every Apps' Data Usage on Windows 11 PC

Windows 11 offers its users to access the data on how much internet they have used in different apps on their PC. If you haven't noticed that yet, now is the best time to check that too. You may get surprised to see different applications' internet usage on your system. Here, we'll discuss 'How to track internet usage on different apps on Windows 11 PC', 'How to reset internet usage data on Windows 11', and 'How to set a Data limit on internet usage on different applications in Windows 11'. So, without wasting any time further, let's get started.

Check Internet Data Usage on Windows 11

1. Open the Settings by using the "Windows + i" shortcut keys, then navigate to Network & Internet section from the left sidebar. Now scroll a little downwards, and click on the Advanced Network Settings in the right panel.

2. Now, here look for Data Usage under More Settings and click it.

3. After clicking on the Data Usage button, you'll be navigated to the next window where you'll see your data usage and how much data has been used by different applications. On the right panel, you'll see your 30 days of internet usage on the top left corner of the panel.

In case you don't see the correct data, check that you have selected your primary internet source like WiFi on the top-right corner above the Enter Limit button.

How to Reset Internet Data Usage in Windows 11

1. Open the Settings app by pressing the "Windows + i" shortcut keys on your keyboard.

2. Now go to Network & Internet and then go to Advanced network settings.

3. From the Advanced network settings window, select Data Usage under More settings.

4. Scroll down the next window until you find the "Reset usage stats" option and click on the Reset button right next to that option.

That's how you can reset internet data usage in Windows 11 in an instant.

How to Set Up Data Limit on Windows 11

This Windows 11 setting is for those who don't have unlimited internet access on their PC. This setting will be very beneficial for saving the internet data before it drained out. The data limit feature in Windows 11 will set a warning message whenever you are close to exceeding the monthly internet data. If you are also that type of person with limited internet access, check out the following steps, it would help you a lot.

1. Open the Settings app by pressing the "Windows + i" shortcut keys on your keyboard.

2. Now click on Network & Internet option from the left sidebar and then go to Advanced network settings and click on it.

3. Click on Data Usage under the More Settings option.

4. On the next window, click the Enter limit button on the top-right corner just below the network type button.

5. A pop-up will be opened. Here, enter your preferred data limit in the box, and click Save. You also have the options to choose between monthly, one-time, or unlimited data limit types.

6. After setting up the data limit, you'll see the percentage value of the internet usage of the current month on the "Data usage" page.

7. You'll also see another new option called Metered Connection. If you enable this option, Windows 11 will automatically slow down the extra internet usage by some applications in the system. This option will also help you reduce and limit data usage on your Windows 11 PC.

That's how you can set up a data limit in Windows 11 if you have a limited internet connection.

Monitor Internet Data Usage in Windows 11 PC

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  • How to Reset Internet Data Usage Info in Windows 11
  • How to Set Up Data Usage Limit in Windows 11 PC
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