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What is Android System WebView and How to Fix if the apps crash?

WebView is an important part of the Android OS that makes apps easy to show web content. But what happens when it crashes and how to fix Android WebView? Here's what you need to know about the Android System WebView.

Usually, when Android apps crash, the main culprit behind the scenes is Android System WebView because every app that works with the internet uses this application to work well. But if you don't know what WebView really is, here's what you need to know about it.

What is Android System WebView?

Android System WebView is an in-built system application that helps Android apps to display web content without opening it on any dedicated browser. For Example, if you use the Netflix app on your Android mobile, this happens because of the help of Android System WebView, otherwise, Netflix would be opened in your dedicated web browser or the app will crash all of a sudden. In short words, Android System WebView is a web browser engine dedicated only to Android apps to show web content. You don't need to open it separately. It automatically starts working whenever you open any Android app. Google Chrome, the most popular web browser in the world, powers the Android System WebView.

If you use a smartphone today, your smartphone must have WebView pre-installed on it. In some ways, even developers use this feature to render internet usage inside their apps without warning about compatibility issues.

Is it Safe to Disable Android System WebView?

First of all, you can disable Android System WebView but you cannot uninstall it until you have rooted your Android smartphone. And if you need Android System WebView, yes you definitely need it. While WebView is no longer a part of Android, it doesn't mean you don't need it. Google has split WebView from core OS starting from Android 10. But on Android 7.0, 8.0, and 9.0, you can easily disable it directly from Android settings without any serious issues because on these previous Android versions, Chrome was the main engine behind WebView tasks. But after the Android 10 release, it's safer to leave WebView enabled.

You can disable WebView if you want to, although you can’t uninstall the app. Keep in mind that disabling WebView may affect the performance of some Android apps.

Similarly, if you get any bug in the WebView, all the Android apps that use this driver will be unstable.

You actually don't need to worry because WebView is neither spyware nor bloatware unless your apps keep crashing.

How to Fix Android System WebView Crashes

Imagine, suddenly you open an app and it crashes. What would you do in that case? Most people uninstall and then re-install the app. This is a good choice but can you fix the app crash without uninstalling it? The answer is YES. You just need to clear your app data, force stop the app, and then fix Android System WebView. Here's how to fix Android System WebView Crash.

1. Update the Android System WebView App and Chrome

The first important thing you should do is update the Android System WebView and the Google Chrome web browser on your Android smartphone. Here's how to update Android System WebView.

  • Open Playstore and go to the Android System WebView app.
  • If you see an Uninstall button, it means you have already updated it. Otherwise, you'll see an Update button there. Tap on it to update the app.
Update Android System WebView app on PlayStore
  • Finally, restart your device.

2. Uninstall Android System WebView and Chrome Updates

Sometimes, due to new app updates Android apps can crash instantly. So, removing those updates may also solve the problem. This usually happens when you just update the System WebView app or Chrome and you see several apps are crashing after that. So, let's uninstall it.

  • Open Android System WebView on Google PlayStore.
  • Click on Uninstall to remove WebView updates.
Uninstall Android System WebView to remove buggy updates
  • Restart your device afterward.


Usually, every software or app has some sort of bug. These buggy apps can be easily identified as soon as you launch them and they crash. If you see that app crashes on your Android smartphone, update the Android System WebView and/or Chrome app as well. If this doesn't improve, then uninstall the WebView updates and/or Chrome updates.

Crashing android apps are just one of the many small issues found in Android smartphones that can be easily fixed.

So, apply our methods and keep following TechHarry.